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September 14, 2017

Lena Dunham Shares New Bikini Selfies

You go girl!Lena Dunham just posted a very revealing lingerie manufacturer photo on Snapchat, showing off the scars on her stomach from having surgery for her endometriosis.

Lena Dunham, Wholesale Corset 30, has never been shy about showing off her body, and she continues to spread body positivity awareness by posting a new photo that shows even more than just some extra skin. In a new photo on Snapchat, the Girls star was very proud of her new bikini and didn't mind showing off the scars from her recent surgery.

It's no secret that Lena wholesale bikinis has struggled with her endometriosis, as she was forced to back out of doing press in February 2016 due to a flareup from the chronic illness. Unfortunately it's a very painful disorder in which the lining of a woman's uterus grows on the outside instead of the inside, which is why Lena needed to have surgery. However, she's embraced her struggle and isn't trying to hide her scars from anyone, as you can see in this new photo!

Lena definitely underwear manufacturer appears to be doing much better, despite the scars, and is back to showing off her body proudly on social media. She really looks incredible in her 2-piece, which is a black bikini bottom along with a top that has pink ruffles over the cleavage. And the best part? She got it at Target!
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