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November 30, 2017

iphone x case lv supreme

The collaboration work of Louis Vuitton and Supreme became a big success at INS, and it is loved by an expert.

There are various designs of note book type and jacket type, and wallet type, high quality, outstanding functionality, affordable.

Characteristic clear, because the design is unique, this Louis Vuitton Supreme Louis Vuitto iphone x / 8 plus notebook case is definitely a popular item of this year.

Combination of the standard monogram pattern and the Supreme pattern of personality, the production is skillful, the craft is precise, finished high-class.

The design of an extremely thin notebook, while firmly protecting the smart phone, makes it lightweight and comfortable to use.

Card storage, with a strap, while experiencing a thin smart case, it protects even mobile films.

Do not disturb the original thinness of the iPhone, I will experience not to put a case on the maximum limit.

Stylish design, luxurious sense full of luxurious things, it is taken away by the eyes, the attention is absorbed.

It is a fashion pattern for all citizens of men and women, such as society people and students.

Louis Vuitton Supreme iPhone x 8 7 6s plus jacket case is beautifully durable and has a glossy design and it faces young people.


It is a pop brand Supreme Louis Vuitto iphone case that has become a boom among celebrities.

It has smooth touch, beautiful shiny, felt as smooth, cool as it is stylish.

Beautiful design created by nature, gentle to the touch, comfortable to use, looks cute.

If you want to choose a high-end gift, keeping the trendy brands, the price is also cheap, it is recommended.

Supreme Louis Vuitton brand iPhone X Case iPhone 8 / X case If you want to enjoy more popular smart case,

CICICASE is always welcomed. We are waiting with the best service and the best products.

We will give you a good shopping experience that you will never forget.

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