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January 4, 2020

How Property Managers Simplify Life

Sure, you can handle managing your property. But you could also be losing money while dealing with unnecessary stress

Being a landlord is a tough task.

Finding tenants, keeping them happy, keeping the property happy, keeping yourself happy, evicting tenants who make you unhappy‚?¶ Then there‚??s the litany of laws you must know and understand followed by the constant demand to ensure your finances are up to date. Some of these things can be cumbersome burdens while others could cost you financially, or worse.

It‚??s reasons like these and more that so many owners and community associations delegate the difficult job of property management to experienced property managers. Knowing how to maintain a property from the ground up ‚?? ensuring things get paid and receiving payments on time while guaranteeing everything stays safe and legally compliant ‚?? takes time.

A tremendous duty for anyone, here‚??s a few ways allowing Trident to manage your property can simplify the lives of you and your tenants.

Deal with tenants

The chore of locating the right renters requires the right resources and a lot of know-how. Credit checks, criminal checks, rental history checks, and let‚??s not even get into evictions. Proper guidelines must be followed the entire time a tenant leases property or there could be serious consequences.

With the right management, you don‚??t have to worry about any of this.

Not only do they have a pool of qualified renters they can show around the grounds, they know how to accommodate them according to the law while making sure they do the same. It helps to have someone handling customer service while providing protection on multiple levels.

Handle Finances

Collecting the rent to ensure all utilities and amenities can be paid is a colossal undertaking that must be handled regularly. But having someone who‚??s familiar with everything involved in keeping a property running smoothly can be just the thing you need to knock out all these birds with one stone.

Because they‚??re familiar with the law and the area, property managers know how to set adequate rent rates, collect them in an appropriate manner, and pay the utilities accordingly. They also ensure that everything is on the ‚??up and up‚?? with the Tax Man ‚?? grief you don‚??t need.


Not only must everything be paid for it needs to function, too.

Things like landscaping, laundry rooms, common areas, and more don‚??t maintain themselves, so someone who‚??s always vigilant about what a property requires is essential. If not, you will hear complaints‚?¶ and possibly even get a letter from the county.

Save yourself the stress‚?¶ and maybe some money, too

It‚??s obvious that having a property manager will not only simplify your life but did you know it could also help save you money?

You may think that because you‚??re hiring someone you may be hurting your bottom line, but the opposite can be true. Property managers keeping things in order ‚?? setting rent, collecting it, finding qualified tenants, keeping units occupied, fulfilling legal obligations, etc. ‚?? so no undue financial burdens occur.

Keeping your property occupied and safe is what really brings income. The efficiency of property managers equals money.

Trident Real Estate‚??s ownership provides over 50 years of experience in property management, property investment, buying, and leasing, promising full customer service as well as simplicity. Our innovative technology provides instant access and full transparency to all our clients‚?? data at the click of a button ‚?? while staying eco-conscious and green.
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