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Samuel L. 

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Greetings and welcome to my profile, my name is Samuel but everybody calls me Nutmeg, I am a loft conversion expert currently living in Stratford Upon Avon, England. My favorite interests are needlepoint, hooping and judo. I went to school in Aylesbury and attended Keele University. I've got a sister Ayda and a brother Dante, I have a pet ferret Andy. I operate a loft conversion enterprise and help people create more space in their houses.

With the escalating cost of buying a house nowadays, not everyone is even able to find the money to move house just to gain a bit of extra space. The cost of relocating needs to be added onto the buying price of the new property in addition to all the added extras when you are determining the total expenditure involved. However moving house is not the sole option open to you if your family is outgrowing your current property.

You might put an extension onto your home to help make more room but even this may be expensive and will be dependent on your ability to get the necessary planning permission. You could convert your garage, as long as you have a garage and are not actually parking your car in it. The preferred remedy to your space issue, that can increase the value of your house while not increasing the property footprint, is to get a loft conversion.

Over the last few years, for some of the reasons given above, loft conversion has gotten more popular than ever. Before heading down this avenue, you should check that your property is in fact well suited for a loft conversion. Houses with roofs made with trusses aren't generally suitable. Many houses built before the 1970's have lots of head space and therefore are the most suitable for loft conversions.

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