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Ricky C. 

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Veris offered the best hot desking software for your hybrid workplace. It makes the whole workplace experience better. Best hot desking software enables you to safely book a desk right from your personal phone using our smart and efficient hot desking app.



Favorite Books & Authors:

Log on to the website of Veris to know more about the visitor management system features which are highly useful and in great demand by organisations. Our VMS meets all standard regulations and policies set by various agencies for securing customers' data by ensuring data privacy. Veris Welcome is the best in comparison to other similar products available in the market. Give it a try by scheduling your demo with our experts now.

Favorite Music & Artists:

Veris One enables your employees to fill out a health declaration form from anywhere before coming to the office which ultimately secures your office from any infections or flu. Our iwms system is one of the best in the market which you can get with the ultra-modern features and usages.

Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors:

You can educate your visitors and employees about sanitization and other anti-infection measures through the background images with the respective information on our touchless visitor management system


You can fetch recurring visitor details automatically on Veris Welcome with the help of different documents including Govt. IDs. For faster check-ins, True caller integration is available which is a faster way to get check-ins smoothly. Our visitor registration system software is full of such features which make the whole experience of visitors or guest check-ins more secure and efficient as well.
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