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Sour cream diet

The sour cream diet is a fat-based therapeutic diet that is recommended for people who are obese and overweight diabetics.sour cream diet

What is useful for sour cream?

Probably, everyone knows that sour cream is a very useful fermented milk product . Sour cream contains a large amount of calcium, vitamins and trace elements that are necessary and vital for the human body.

The duration of the sour cream diet is calculated for 1-2 days. For the whole day, you need to eat 400 grams of fresh sour cream of 20-30% fat content, you need to use sour cream in five receptions, i.e. each portion of sour cream should be 80 grams.

From the liquid, you can only drink a decoction of rosehip, 1-2 (no more) glasses a day.

Use of sour cream diet

Sour cream diet normalizes metabolism in the body, improves skin condition and complexion, in addition, despite the fact that sour cream is a fairly fatty product, after 1-2 days You will feel a pleasant feeling of lightness, this is justified by the fact that sour cream is very well absorbed by our body.

Before you go on a sour cream diet, be sure to consult your doctor.

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