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June 23, 2021

Enrich your Career as API Testing Engineer - MindMajix

To advance your career as an API Testing Engineer, you will have to discover all the required approaches and strategies and acquire the skills. In our API Testing Training, you will learn more about API Testing, the postman tool, producing fast receipts, and so on. You will likewise obtain skills and deal with different automation tools such as NPM, Newman, etc.

  • API Introduction

  • API Protocols

  • Introduction to API's

  • Postman - Installation of Windows

  • Introduction to collectins

  • Exporting and Importing the collections

  • Dynamic Request

  • Command Line Execution Using Newman Tool

  • Introduction to Postman Landscape

  • WIZDLER Tool

  • Testing REST API With HTTP and HTTPS protocols

  • Understanding Query Parameters

  • REST API Testing with Authentication Types

  • GIT HUB Repo

  • API Chaining of API Requests

  • Curl Commands

  • Exporting and Execution of CLI Commands

  • How to create mock API using GET,POST, PUT, DELETE

  • Performance Load Testing of API Testing

  • Postman Monitors

  • Run Collections Remotely With Collection url

  • How to Debug And Troubleshoot in Postman Tool

  • Using Postman to Create a Reusable API framework

  • Create Fork Request, Pull Request, Merge Changes in Postman Tool

  • Postman API integration with CI/CD Jenkins


  1. 18 Hrs Instructor-Led Training

  2. Certification & Job Assistance

  3. 20 hrs of Lab Sessions

  4. Pay in 2 Installments

  5. Flexible Schedule

  6. 24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Contact Us

USA : +1 917 456 8403
INDIA : +91 905 240 3388
Posted by      Steve S. at 1:42 AM EDT


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