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August 30, 2021

How to do child pose (Balasana) in yoga

Bala = child

Goals: deep relaxation and rest between other asanas

How to Get Into It
Kneel on the mat and place your buttocks on your heels.
Tilt your tailbone a little and ensure your back is straight
As you exhale, lay your abdomen and ribs on the thighs
Rest your hands in one of the possible positions. Let your shoulders flow down.
Plant your forehead on the mat, relax and lengthen your neck. Relax your face.
Hold for not less than 1 minute or as long as you need to reconnect with your body and breathing.

Hand positions:
a) You can put your palms behind you, palms facing up to release the shoulders and neck
b) Putting hands in front of you helps to add a nice stretchy effect on the core and armpits
c) To relax your wrists after a handstand or all fours pose, put your hands in front of you, palms facing up.

Relieves back pain
Gives a smooth stretch to the back, hips and relaxes the neck.
Helps to calm down emotionally and get a feeling of being safe and grounded in the body.

Is this pose safe? Check for full info. Thanks for visiting!
Posted by      Candy M. at 8:46 PM CDT

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