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September 6, 2021

Academic Skills Plan for Note Taking

Currently, I have a theology class that involves discussions of many philosophical and historical concepts. The problem is that I do not know what to write in my notes. However, I intend to improve my ability to take notes in order to capture all the key points and supporting arguments elucidated in my theology class. This improvement should be noticeable by the end of the term. Thus, the main aim is to make my notes logical, understandable, and readable. Moreover, I would like to use my notes in order to prepare adequate reading materials, which may help me to obtain at least 90 percent in every theology test. Hence, I have to adopt the following two strategies in order to achieve fruitful results. To start with, I have to complete all the reading assignments before attending the theology class. With this ability, I can identify which part of the discussion is related to the assignment.
Thus, I have to create a well-distributed reading timetable, which can allow me to complete all my assignments before attending the class. Furthermore, note taking in the process of the discussion is another strategy. I should be able to identify the most important aspects by paying more attention to the way the tutor gives responses to students' comments. In this way, I can understand what is significant to remember. Such a tactics enables me to take notes related to the discussion with ease. I continue adding discussion details to my notes when the tutor praises some student's comment. I also write down additional information when the student's comment touches on an important issue, which was investigated in the homework assignment. To evaluate my note taking skills plan, I aim to take two actions, starting from the ninth week of this semester. Such evaluation is planned to be done in the following way.
First, I will request my theology tutor to assess my class notes. I intend to earn at least a grade 'B' each time. Second, when I take tests, I aim to obtain 9 or above for completeness of my class notes (on a scale of 0,10, with ten as the maximum limit). Presently, I can evaluate my notes as 5.
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