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October 18, 2021

Eight points for planting fruit trees in autumn

In autumn, with the gradual decline of temperature, after fruit tree seedlings are planted, the wound of underground root heals quickly, the evaporation of aboveground part is small and the survival rate is high. Moreover, the fruit tree seedlings cultivated in autumn will germinate early, blossom early and bear stable results in the coming spring.

1. Planting time: the earlier fruit trees are planted in autumn, the higher the survival rate. Generally, it is appropriate from mid September to early November nft gully.

2. Digging pits: it is better to plant high-quality nursery seedlings with high lignification degree in autumn. The nursery should be watered once before seedling raising. The seedling raising requires complete root system, the length of taproot is more than 30 cm, and less damage to lateral roots and fibrous roots. Seedlings should be planted at the same time.

3. Planting: dig a tree pit on the planting site, backfill a part of soil, then put the seedlings into the pit, straighten them, fill in fine wet soil, lift the seedlings slightly upward to make the roots stretch out, and then fill them with solid soil. The planting depth requires that the root neck be flat or slightly deeper than the ground. The depth shall not exceed 5cm of the root neck.

4. Pruning: cut off 20cm for good quality seedlings, 1 / 3 of the seedling height for poor quality seedlings, and cut off a secondary branch to facilitate the germination of new branches.

5. Pouring frozen water: pour frozen water once before winter, in the middle and late November.

6. Burying soil for cold protection: seedlings should be pushed to the south to prevent large changes in soil temperature from causing sunburn above the root and neck of seedlings. You can't pull dead when overwhelming, because the seedlings are crisp and tender, which is easy to cause cracking or breaking. When overwhelming, 20cm wet fine soil shall be cultivated on the south side of the seedlings.

7. Time for removing cold proof soil: causal trees germinate late and go to the soil later than other seedlings. It is generally controlled in the middle of April. In case of spring cold, the time can be postponed. The soil removal shall be completed in stages. First remove a thin layer of soil, then gradually remove all the soil, and straighten the seedlings.

8. Mulching film: before germination in spring, pour a germination promoting water, and then cover mulching film to preserve moisture and improve ground temperature, so as to improve the survival rate of seedlings.
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