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October 25, 2021

Grape safe overwintering management technology

1. Cut grapes in winter before overwintering to reduce the water evaporation of branches and vines in winter. Water should be poured once to maintain the water needs of weak root activities in winter. During overwintering, it must be checked once every half a month. If the soil is dry, it should be watered in time. Ice and snow weather should be avoided during watering to avoid root damage caused by too low water temperature flood table.

2. Clean the garden. After pruning, the pruned leaf vine shall be thoroughly cleaned, and the leaves on the vine must be cleaned. Otherwise, the leaves and vines are buried together. The decay of the leaves can cause the decay of the vines and affect the next year's grape yield.

3. Topdressing. In order to ensure the robust growth of plants in the coming year, some rotten organic fertilizers can be applied in combination with winter cutting. Note that the amount of fertilizer used should not be too much, and the base fertilizer used should not directly contact the grape roots.

4. Cold proof and thermal insulation management. Maintain the soil temperature and promote the rapid growth of its roots.

(1) Binding and covering cold proof method. Bundle the pruned grape branches and vines into bundles, wrap them with 1-2 layers of straw curtains or sack pieces, then cover them with 15-20cm thick sawdust, cover them with a layer of plastic film after compaction, and compact them with soil around the film.

(2) Sand, film, leaf and straw four layer cold protection method. That is, cover the branches and vines with 20cm thick sand, cover the sand with a layer of plastic film, spread a layer of corn leaves of about 10cm on the plastic film, and press 60cm thick corn straw on the leaves, so as to achieve the effects of raising vines with sand, moisturizing the film, densifying the leaves and keeping the straw warm. The first three layers shall be covered in the near future. The latter layer is carried out after freezing.

(3) Hollow cold proof method. Use bricks and Adobe to form a groove in the ditch, bundle the branches and vines cut in winter, put them in the middle, put a shed with wooden poles, put sorghum straw and grass bags, and cover them for 20-30 cm; Then cover leaves or firewood for 50cm, and leave several ventilation holes along the ground for temperature measurement and ventilation at any time; Close at 0 ?? and open at Qingming next year rolling benches.

(4) Plastic film cold proof method. With the continuous improvement of cold protection technology, the cold protection method of covering with plastic film has appeared in recent years. For the shape of single dragon vine, it is also necessary to dish up the grape branches, and the upturned branches should be placed flat to avoid breaking the plastic film. After the plate is laid flat, press it slightly with soil, then cover it with a 1.4m wide 0.07mm black plastic film, and compact the surrounding of the film with soil.
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