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November 11, 2021

Key points of grape planting in late autumn

1.Preparation before planting. (1) dig planting ditches. Dig the planting ditch according to the row spacing, with the depth and width of 60-80cm respectively. Open the topsoil and subsoil separately. After excavation, sprinkle a layer of 10-15cm thick organic matter (such as wheat straw, rice straw, etc.) at the bottom of the ditch, mix it with the soil, fill the subsoil 10-15cm thick, put a layer of 5-10cm thick fertile soil mixed with manure, cake fertilizer and other organic fertilizers, and finally fill the topsoil and water it. (2) seedling renovation and disinfection. 3-4 full buds of scion shall be reserved for grafted seedlings, 3-4 full buds above the root neck shall be reserved for self rooted seedlings, and the excessively long branches and roots shall be properly trim tray. The roots were soaked with 50 mg / kg naphthylacetic acid solution or 25 mg / kg indole butyric acid solution for 8-12 hours. Spray seedlings with 5 degree stone sulfur mixture to sterilize.

2.Planting time. Grape seedlings can be planted from late November in late autumn to before Qingming Festival next year. Green shoots cultivated by greenhouse and ground temperature heating can be planted after Qingming Festival and before mid and late June. Seedlings are planted in autumn from mid to late November to early December, and in spring from February to Qingming Festival. Autumn planting takes root first and spring planting germinates first, so autumn planting is better than spring planting. However, the disadvantage of autumn planting is that the soil has not been weathered through winter. At the same time, in order to avoid winter cold and winter drought, rhizosphere soil cultivation and regular watering should be strengthened.

3.Planting density. The determination of grape planting density should consider many factors, such as variety characteristics, frame type, climate factors, site conditions, cultivation habits and so on. Taking double cross V-shaped frame cultivation as an example, the varieties with weak growth potential, such as Yafu Rosa and Jingya, have a plant row spacing of 0.8-1m ? 2.5m; Varieties with moderate growth potential, such as Yongyou No. 1, gaowife, Tengren, etc., have a plant row spacing of 1.2-1.5m ? 2.5m; Varieties with strong growth potential, such as meimeizhi, xinnongle and Weike, have a plant row spacing of 1.5-2m ? 2.5m. In order to obtain early high yield or give full play to the market advantage of new grape varieties, the planting method of early dense planting and later partial thinning can be adopted.

4.Planting method. Dig planting holes according to plant spacing, and the width depends on the size of root system. Select sunny or cloudy days for planting. Planting in autumn should be shallow and deeply buried, that is, the seedlings should be placed vertically in the hole, and the depth should be the depth of the original seedbed, so that the root system can be extended and evenly distributed. When the soil is filled to half, gently lift the seedlings to make the root system close to the soil. When the soil is filled to the ground, pour water firmly, and then cover the soil 20 cm thick, in the shape of steamed bread. Next spring, pick up the soil to the root and neck. Planting in spring should be shallow planting and shallow burying, which is conducive to early root activity. If possible, plastic film can be used to cover and sawtooth greenhouse keep warm and moist.
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