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July 15, 2022

Few tips to Care for Your Automatic Transmission

Even if you take good care of your car, there are certain things that also need to be taken into consideration. A wholly well-maintained car should include a tip-top transmission system.

A car's transmission system is responsible for generating the necessary power to make a move. Apart from the engine, it is also a critical component of a vehicle.

However, the automatic transmission does need some special care as it keeps you free from additional hassle during a drive.

Despite the transmission system, a transmission repair always seems to be a bit expensive. However, there are times when you cannot avoid car transmission repair. But, there are still some ways to keep your transmission system intact.

Read on these points to take care of your car's transmission properly.

Keep a Check on Your Transmission Fluid Levels

Lubrication makes life easy for the grinding metal components inside a transmission system. Most cars come with a transmission dipstick that can provide an accurate level of transmission fluid for your car.

Similarly, you check the level of your engine oil, just draw the dipstick outside and clean it with a rag. Now put it again in the slot and draw again. You just get the right level of your transmission fluid.

Besides, you can check for the color of the fluid. Ensure that it should appear burnt or discolored.

In case, you still have any doubt or cannot conclude. Just come to Service My Car. Our experts assist you in any kind of issue whether it is a fluid check-up or any other car repair.

Opt For the Transmission Flushed Frequently

You can opt for a transmission flush to get a fresh lease to the fluids. However, most cars highlight the period to get a transmission fluid change but it is recommended to opt for a transmission flushed once a year.

Besides, a transmission fluid also depends on the amount of your driving as well as the weather conditions.

In case, you have neglected such important maintenance, approach a reliable workshop as soon as possible. As it is worth utilizing the specialization when it comes to complex tasks such as transmission flush. You can also opt for a car scanning and diagnostics service for a detailed inspection of your car.

Utilize the Transmission Inspection Service

A transmission system falls in the category of critical components of your car. It is something that need not be taken for granted. In general, a transmission system failure may turn into a fatal incident. When it comes to an automatic transmission, you never wish to have a breakdown.

A transmission inspection is a great alternative to deal with the potential issues. Isn't worth staying ahead in the game with a better insight into the potential issues with your transmission system?

A comprehensive inspection consists of a fluid check, and a review of the pan. Besides, an expert also performs a driving test.

Such a detailed transmission inspection can easily gauge the transmission performance as well as the status of transmission components.

However, you can arrange a transmission inspection at a reliable workshop such as Service MY Car. Our experts have years of experience to deal with such a complex automotive issue related to car repair.

Avoid Driving On a Spare Tyre for a Long Duration

In case, you have just changed a tyre due to any reason, your tyres may be mismatched. A spare tyre often does not get worn as compared to regular tyres.

However, the mismatched set of tyres put a strain on the wheels affecting the alignment and disturbing the transmission too.

Your car might drive a bit on such an uneven balance but an extended period may have affected your car's transmission.

Therefore, it is recommended to get your vehicle to a reliable workshop if you have been running your vehicle in such a condition. Service My Car offers you wheel alignment as well as transmission programming services under one roof.

Replace the Transmission Filter Frequently

Most cars come with a transmission filter that keeps the fluid clean enough to perform its task. However, a transmission filter may get clogged over time while filtering out waste such as metal debris from the transmission fluid.

However, the most modern vehicle does not have a transmission filter, but others need a fresh transmission filter after a period of time.

You can opt for the transmission oil filter services at a reliable service centre during a transmission flush. Service My Car offers you these services at very affordable prices.

Load Your Car as Per the Capacity

Always try to not load your car enough, as it impacts the overall performance of your car including the transmission system. Driving a vehicle under heavy loads too much, invites premature wear and tear to a transmission system.

Choose the Best Quality Transmission Fluid

As quality matters for everything, so does the transmission fluid too. You have to choose a good quality transmission fluid if you expect a certain level of comfort from your vehicle.
Besides, you can expect professional assistance for best-in-class car service. Service My Car has been serving its satisfied customer for a while now.

A transmission system works with other components and often needs to be in great condition to attain optimal performance. However, it may prone to a fluid leak, wear and tear, and other issues over time. If you notice anything unusual, just bring your car to Service My Car for reliable car repair near me. Just call us or book a service online.
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Regular and regular check-ups are a must. phoodle
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February 4, 2022

The 8 Most Common Car Problems - Solved!

Let's face it. No matter how vigorous your car care methods are, a problem could arise every now and then. Even the best cars, and the best car owners, have to deal with miscellaneous car troubles.

If you run into car-related issues, it's never wise to ignore them. Getting it fixed at the onset can save you time and money in the long run. It's imperative to consider your safety, and the safety of your passengers too.

Getting your routine service done on time is just one aspect of proper car maintenance. Despite that, issues could still arise. That's why the trusty auto service experts at Service My Car have compiled this list.

In this list of the 8 most common car problems, we look at potential causes, and as always, offer solutions. Read on to know what the best methods of tackling the most common car troubles are.

#1 A faulty engine

The engine module consists of a plethora of moving parts. Though all these moving parts help the engine function efficiently, you could still run into issues.

One of the most common engine-related issues is engine sputtering or engine misfiring. If you find yourself dealing with such an issue, don't hesitate to give Service My Car a shout. Our comprehensive car engine repair will ensure your engine, and car, gets back to optimal performance levels.

#2 Subpar fuel economy

Like the engine module, there are several components in the fuel system. As long as the engine is running properly, your fuel consumption rates stay at an ideal level.

Once the fuel system parts wear out, you may notice poor fuel economy. It can be anything from the fuel filter to the air filter. The best way to deal with this is to be proactive when it comes to getting your periodic car service done.

Service My Car offers tailormade service packages that provide the utmost convenience for all your car servicing needs.

#3 Miscellaneous warning lights

An illuminated warning sign on the dashboard is one of the most common issues. This could be anything from the check engine light to the battery failure light.

Regardless of what light you come across, it's best to get in touch with Service My Car at once. Our team of expert auto mechanics will carry out car scanning and diagnostics to identify, and fix the issue.

#4 A dead car battery

As we've stated before, most car batteries last for around 3 years. If you're dealing with a dead battery within this period, there could be several factors.

It's typically caused as a result of reduced amps, decreasing its ability to sustain a charge. Other reasons range from damaged alternators, to issues with the temperature sensor, and so on.

If you're facing a flat battery, and are in need of a car battery replacement, Service My Car can assist you.

#5 A failing timing belt

If you happen to hear a ticking sound coming from your car engine, it's probably a failing timing belt. Since the timing belt is attached by various pulleys, it can wear out with extensive use.

As a result, a worn-out timing belt starts to produce ticking sounds. If you're hearing this while driving, it's best to get an expert to inspect your timing belt.

The best timing belt experts are found at Service My Car. You can get a hassle-free timing belt replacement by requesting a quote today.

#6 A flat tyre

Flat tyres are typically a result of striking a sharp object. However, it's possible that simple wear and tear can cause such issues. You're advised to get your tyres rotated periodically to avoid extensive wear and tear.

If you still end up facing such an issue, Service My Car can help you get back on the road in no time. Our roadside assistance services include swift flat tyre assistance.

#7 A slippery auto transmission

If maintained properly, an auto transmission module should sustain for over 300,000km without issues. Since there are several components in the transmission system, a failure in any of them can cause slippage.

If you face transmission slippage or your gears aren't shifting smoothly, it's best to get an inspection done at once. Service My Car offers unparalleled car transmission repairs to fix any issues that persist with your transmission module.

#8 A jittery steering wheel

There are myriad issues when it comes to a jittery steering wheel. However, from our experience, the most common issue is wheel misalignment.

One of the tell-tale signs of wheel misalignment is a vibrating steering wheel, especially on turns. If you're still unsure, it doesn't hurt to get an expert's opinion on what might be causing the problem.

Book a wheel alignment service at Service My Car and get back on the road with smooth steering today.

[Note:-These tips are powered by the BMW Repair Center of United Kingdom] In summary, all cars require periodic car maintenance to function properly. You can be proactive by getting support services like oil changes, wheel alignments, etc. done. Yet, various other issues may arise.

The best practice in such scenarios is to have a trusty car workshop in hand. Service My Car is a modern automotive solution that gives you access to the region's best workshops.

With car garages that specialize in certain brands and repairs, you can stay assured that your car gets taken to the best place. Request a quote for your car repair today on our website, or on the Service My Car app.
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January 22, 2022

The 7 Most Essential Winter Car Care Tips

As residents of the UAE, we're fortunate enough to experience warm weather for the better part of the year. However, the winter chill can sneak up on us if we're not cautious enough. Relax, relax. This isn't us telling you to stock up on heavy-down jackets and winter coats. You don't need all that. What we're getting at is winter car care.

While we don't deal with adverse conditions such as frost and snow, that doesn't necessarily mean we can be complacent. With a cool head and a hint of proactivity, we can make it through the winter with just about no car troubles. Lest we forget, the winter's when we have most of our road trips planned.

Whether it's unexpected rains, expected morning dew, or a sudden burst of fog, proper vehicle maintenance is imperative in the winter. Cold weather tends to take a toll on cars, and the difficult driving conditions might catch you off-guard. With a bit of long sight and proper planning, you can ensure your vehicle stays road-ready for the winter.

Let's look at what some of the most essential winter car care tips are for the season, straight from your resident auto service experts at Service My Car.

Keep a check on your oil and fuel levels

Ensure your oil level is well within the minimum and the maximum mark on your car's dipstick. Running low on oil can cause hazardous situations on the road. You're advised to check your oil levels only after the car has fully warmed up. If you find yourself running low on oil, it's best to get a car oil change.

With doorstep services becoming more popular than ever, you can get your oil changed at your doorstep with a mobile oil change service, such as the one provided by Service My Car.

While you're at it, it doesn't hurt to fill up on petrol too. Ensure you have the right amount of petrol in your tank before you plan long trips. You're especially advised not to stretch out the last few kilometers with low fuel as you might just end up being stranded on the road.

Ensure your headlights are clean

With unexpected rains and dust storms, it goes without saying that cars tend to get dirty during the winter. While a simple car wash might fix most problems, it's especially important to ensure your headlights are clean.

It's estimated that your headlights lose around 40% of luminosity in 35km when driving on a wet winter's day. If possible, get someone to stand outside the car and ensure all your lights are working correctly.

If you happen to have any issues with any of your lights, it signals battery issues.

Get a thorough battery test done

Speaking of battery issues, did you know that the number one cause of vehicle breakdowns is a flat battery? It turns out, the risk of battery failure grows exponentially in cold and wet climates.

While you should endeavor to change your car's battery every three years, you might have to do it sooner if the cold climate is affecting it. Some signs to look out for include the engine turning over slower than usual, the battery light flickering in the dashboard, and any faults in the electrical unit.

Whether your headlights aren't working, or you run into any other battery troubles, it needs to be fixed. You can avail a hassle-free battery replacement from the auto repair experts at Service My Car.

Thoroughly assess your tyres

We've covered this before, but it doesn't hurt to be repeated. Tyres that are worn out are always dangerous, but the danger is enhanced when you drive in wet conditions. We're aware that the UAE is prone to sudden rainfall in the winter, and driving in such conditions can be hazardous if your tyres aren't in a good condition.

It's also vital to ensure you have a roadworthy spare tyre too. If you happen to face the misfortune of dealing with a flat tyre, Service My Car provides flat tyre services as part of their roadside assistance services.

Check your windshield wipers and ensure you have washer fluid

Ensure your windshield wipers are in proper condition. They should not have any holes or tears. Moreover, they should be able to clean your windshield accurately without posing the risk of damaging it.

You can wipe the wipers clean every now and then. On top of that, you'll need adequate windshield washer fluid too. A mix of rain and dust can make your windshield dirty in no time, and washer fluid is the best way to get it back to its original state.

Winter's also when you're most likely to face some form of windshield damage. If your windshield's worse for wear, then it's probably time to get it replaced. Get the best windshield replacement from Service My Car.

Inspect your brakes thoroughly

Your brakes need to be working at its best, especially during the winter. If your brakes are squealing or grating, it's best to get them checked immediately.

Moreover, if you're taking the car out after a while, start off slowly to allow the discs, calipers, and handbrake to warm up gradually.

Check if it's time for a service

Like several of the tips above, this one's essential all year round. However, the adverse wintry conditions make this one just the more necessary.

You're typically advised to get a major service every 20,000km. You can always consult the vehicle manufacturer's guide if you're unsure. Alternatively, you could just ask one of the resident auto service experts at Service My Car.

[Note:-These tips and tricks are powered by the Subaru Service Center of United Arab Emirates] With hassle-free service packages, they can guide you to choose precisely what's required for your car. Get prepared for the winter by booking a service package at Service My Car today.

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January 6, 2022

Here's Why You Should Avoid Short Drives

Dubai's got a rather car-friendly urban planning. From large-scale communities to skyscraper blocks lining highways, there's very little to explore by foot, and just as much to explore by road.

Regardless of where you stay, there's probably a mall, a bunch of supermarkets, a mosque, and so much more, all within a 10-minute drive. Living in such close proximity to such places can definitely feel convenient. Sometimes, you just want to go on a quick drive and get all your work done in no time.

However, it turns out that your frequent short drives can have an adverse effect on your car. We're here to tell you all about it, and even have some nifty mitigative measures up our sleeves. Sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy, as your resident auto service experts are here to serve it up.

Are short drives bad for your engine?

Engine oil, especially as it ages, is a thick and slow-moving sludge of fluid. As your engine warms up upon usage, the oil heats up and gets a lot denser, allowing it to move freely and lubricate the engine.

However, the engine has to adequately heat up for this to take place. It can only do so after a certain period of usage. Quick, short drives tend to result in the motor not reaching the optimal operating temperature. The lack of heat can result in less-than-ideal viscosity levels of your engine oil, rendering it incapable of lubricating the engine properly.

Moreover, your motor oil can only get rid of its contaminants with optimal heat. When your engine fails to arrive at an adequate temperature, these contaminants remain in the oil, posing additional risk to your engine.

The best way to combat such risks would be to avoid too many quick and short drives. You're also advised to get a car oil change regularly. If you're unsure about when to change your oil, consult your car manufacturer's maintenance schedule, or simply ask one of our auto service experts.

Getting an oil change has never been easier. You can either have your car picked up, taken to the garage for an oil change, and delivered back to you, or you could get it all done at your doorstep with our mobile oil change.

Are short drives bad for your car's battery?

An action as simple as starting your car requires a lot of effort from your battery. It's still not as demanding as getting your engine going. It's a meticulous and complicated process that starts from your alternator recharging your battery, all the way till the next time you start the car.

As such, taking frequent short trips results in your battery not getting enough time on the road to recharge entirely for your next trip. Imagine just how problematic this could be if you happened to be far away from home. What makes it even worse is that it significantly shortens the life of your battery.

Similar to how your engine needs several minutes to warm up to an adequate temperature, your battery has to be running long enough to get recharged completely. As a result, you ensure that your battery doesn't get rapidly depleted, leading to premature wear and tear.

In short, quick and short trips can be a guaranteed way of shortening the lifespan of your battery. Whether your battery is old or not, you're advised to watch out for signs of having a weak battery. These signs include your engine being slow to crank, your headlights being dimmer than usual, or the obvious, seeing the battery warning light on your dashboard.

Stay on the side of caution and get your battery inspected by your resident auto service experts at Service My Car. If there's anything faulty, you can also get a car battery replacement from us.

Still, making too many short trips? Here's how to take better care of your car

As we stated earlier, living close to your most used amenities most certainly has its perks. However, all those short drives affect your engine a lot more than you can realize.

No matter what type of damage you suspect you might have with your Land Rover in Dubai, whether it's to your engine or your battery, we can fix it all. Whether it's regular servicing, or extensive engine repair, or a battery replacement, Service My Car provides you the best Land Rover Service in Dubai with free pickup and delivery from your location.

Making a service booking or requesting a repair quote has never been easier. All you need to do is visit our website or download the Service My Car app now.

Mitigate the short trips by getting your car fixed at Service My Car today.
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December 19, 2021

These 6 Driving Habits Could Be Damaging Your Car

Buying a car is an investment, and for most of us, a car is something we want to maintain for as long as we possibly can. However, sometimes, we tend to commit some driving faux pas. These bad habits are the biggest enemy of a car. Are your bad driving habits putting your vehicle under unnecessary strain? Here's a list of six driving habits that could be damaging your vehicle.

1. Late/sudden braking
You never know when you might have to make an emergency stop. In these situations, sudden braking is essential. But regular late braking will put more pressure on the brake system, wearing your pads and discs out faster and costing you more fuel. In general, a slow and thoughtful approach to driving, anticipating what's to come on the road, is not just better for your car, but for the environment too.

There are some things you can do to help prevent overheating of your brakes. Instead of resting your foot on the brake pedal when you're descending a hill or navigating stop-and-go traffic, you should drive cautiously, with extra space between cars. By doing this, you can release the accelerator to slow down. You can also use your handbrake at red lights instead of resting your foot on the brakes.

2. Revving the car when the engine is still cold
This is a matter of general driving practice. You must let the engine warm-up for a while before you move the car. Moreover, it's better to keep the engine running until it's warmed up. It enables the engine oil to warm up and circulate in the engine, avoiding potential damage and excessive wear.

3. Neglecting your dashboard warning lights
Modern dashboards have more lights than Burj Khalifa! Never ignore the flashing lights, or the warning light, as it attempts to signal something important. We always advise you to check your owner's manual to find out what each warning sign on your dashboard indicates. This, in turn, also helps you familiarise yourself with the most serious ones, and which ones to pull over and immediately address, when you're on the road.

4. Hitting potholes and speed bumps by driving fast
Speed bumps have a single purpose - to slow down incoming traffic. However, a lot of SUV drivers take their high suspension for granted by accelerating over these speed breakers.

Studies have shown that a lot of vehicle damage is due to driving fast over potholes and speed bumps. Avoid potholes when you're on the road. The impact may cause deformed wheels, lumps in the tyre, and cracked alloys, as well as interference with wheel tracking and balancing. Some potholes may be hard to spot, especially when wet or at night. They can still be avoided, though.

5. Driving with a dead or depleted battery
A dead or depleted battery is a car issue that's commonly reported. There are plenty of reasons for your car battery to doze off. Whether it's leaving electricals on when not in use, faulty charging, parasitic drain, defective alternator, or more, it spells a lot of trouble.

If you ever get into a situation like this with your car, there are two options you can use - either jump-starting the car, or getting a car battery replacement. You can get flat battery roadside assistance and a car battery replacement from Service My Car.

6. Fast driving habits
Fast driving requires effort on the part of the engine. More effort means more wear. So you can't say that speeding is good for the engine. However, cars are meant to be used. They can be used to drive at high speeds, but only occasionally.

What are the top tips to become a safer driver?

Safety techniques start when you get inside the vehicle. Start by creating good habits (like the ones below) and use them for every drive, whether it's a trip to the supermarket or you're driving blocks or hundreds of miles.

-Always wear your seat belt
-Obey traffic rules
-Do not drive under the influence
-Do not text and drive
-Drive under the speed limit
-Obey work zone speed limits

Keeping a car healthy for a long time is not a hard job. All you need is a little push and a few tricks. More importantly, you need a trusty car maintenance solution if you run into any car troubles. Suppose you're facing some problem with your Nissan in Dubai, all you need to do is make an online booking through our app or website after that we'll help you and find the best Nissan Garage in Dubai for your all car-related problems with a free pickup and delivery from your location.

For such a modern solution, look no further than Service My Car. You can request a quote for car repairs, or book a service package for car servicing.
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December 5, 2021

The Most Common Issues You Could Face on the Road

It's an early start to the weekend. You wake up full of excitement. You've waited a long time for the day, and it's finally here. You get ready, pick your mates up, and hit the road. Everything's going great, and then your car breaks down. It's never a great feeling.

A road trip is one of the best ways to get away from stress and live in the moment. It's one of the memorable moments to enjoy a vacation with your favorite people. But a road trip can go awry quickly if your car gets into trouble. With that in mind, let's take a deep dive into the most common car troubles you might experience on the road.

What are the most common issues you could face on the road?

Your car battery quits on you
Car batteries can fail when you least expect them to do so. Before you plan for a road trip, get a thorough battery inspection. This will ensure everything checks out, minimizing the risk of facing a flat battery on the road.

If your battery is more than two to five years old, it's necessary to change it. Get a hassle-free car battery replacement at Service My Car.

You get a flat tyre on the road
We've covered this before, and it goes without saying - no one likes a flat tyre. Why would you want to waste your getting your hands dirty and replacing the flat tyre, when you could be having the time of your life with your mates?

In any case, it's best to be prepared for such situations. Always ensure you have a spare tyre in your car before you set off on the road. That's just half the battle won, though. Studies have shown that most drivers don't know how to replace flat tyres.

Thanks to trusty and swift roadside assistance services like Service My Car, you don't have to anymore. Get a flat tyre replacement in no time when you book one at Service My Car.

You run into brake trouble
Before heading out on the road, check your brake pads, fluid, rotors, and drums. If only one thing goes wrong with your brakes, it poses a severe risk for you and your passengers.

To mitigate such risks, it's advisable to get a professional mechanic to carry out a brake check. At Service My Car, our certified mechanics carry out brake checks and top-up vital car fluids with our Major Service. If something needs fixing, we'll take care of it.

Your engine fails on you
The engine is the heart of the car. You should keep a constant check on the engine. This is required, especially if the engine light is on, or if it tends to overheat a lot.

By doing this, any problems with the engine can be detected and fixed before they become problems on your road trip. The first checks can be helpful as they overcome the trouble you might face on the journey.

An engine tune-up can provide confidence, so you know that your engine will not fail you. We'll assist you in tuning your engine, or carrying out a car engine repair, so you don't have any problems in the future.

Your transmission goes out
Dashboard lights, dead spot sounds, fluid leaks, and grinding gears can all signal that your transmission may be in trouble. If your transmission stops, you'll never get anywhere. It's frustrating at home, but dangerous when you are far, far away on a trip.

A transmission check may reveal that you need to change the transmission fluid, or flush your transmission system. Such maintenance can prevent issues later. You can also get a car transmission repair at Service My Car.

Your car runs out of petrol
Now, the solution is simple. Fill your tank before you can get started with the road trip. Don't assume you can travel to the next petrol station at the first sign of low fuel.

Here's a pre-road trip checklist we swear by

-Tyres (tread, integrity, air pressure, wear)
-Oil and oil filter check
-Air filter check
-A/C filter check
-Coolant fluid check
-Spark plugs check
-Fill your windshield wiper reservoirs
-Spare tyre and jack check
-Electrical units check (exterior lights, cabin lights, blinkers, and hazard lights)
-Radiator flush check

If all of that sounds daunting, why not get a Major Service at Service My Car? We have the best Auto Garage and We'll check and replace all the vital parts, top-up all the fluids, and we'll collect and deliver your car once it's done.

Car maintenance doesn't have to be a hassle. It certainly isn't one when you choose Service My Car.

Book a Major Service today on our website or on the Service My Car Super App.
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