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March 20, 2009

Robert Coover, "fiction writer and hypertext pioneer" talking in


Morris Visiting Artist Resident
novelist and hypertext pioneer

Fiction writer and hypertext pioneer, Robert Coover, will be visiting UB from March 25-27, 2009 under the auspices of a Visiting Artist Residency Grant. He will give 3 talks, two of which might be of interest to DHIB members. The first covers contemporary fiction and the digital revolution; the second is a VR and electronic media demo; and the last will be a discussion about the craft of creative writing, followed by an evening fiction reading. (See the schedule below)

Please join us!

Robert Coover's Schedule:

Wednesday March 25
538 Clemens
"A History of the Future of Narrative"
(a discussion of contemporary fiction and the digital revolution)
Refreshments in 306 Clemens following the event

Thursday March 26
CFA Screening Room
Virtual Reality and Electronic Media Demo
Refreshments following the event

Friday March 27
Poetry Collection
Creative Writing Conversation
Refreshments following the event

Fiction Reading
Albright Knox Gallery

Renowned, cutting edge novelist, short story writer, critic, and hypertext pioneer, Robert Coover, is the author of over twenty books?many of them controversial, all of them thought provoking?such as The Public Burning, The Origin of the Brunists, The Adventures of Lucky Pierre: Director?s Cut, Pricksongs and Descants, and most recently, Stepmother. Described by the New York Times as, "one of America's quirkiest writers, if by 'quirky' we mean an unwillingness to abide by ordinary fictional rules,? Coover?s fiction often examines darkly laughable elements of the human experience, drawing upon fairy tales, the history of baseball, religious cults, and perhaps most famously, the presidency of Richard Nixon and the Rosenberg trials. He remains a key figure in the postmodern novel, a groundbreaking founder of hypertext fiction, and his work?often described as subversive and dark, comic and grotesque?is core to understanding developments in the contemporary American novel.

As the T.B. Stowell Adjunct Professor of Literary Arts at Brown University, Robert Coover is currently exploring the immersive virtual reality environments of "CaveWriting.? He is a founder of both the Electronic Literature Organization and Brown's Freedom to Write Program. Edmund White has called him, ? a one-man Big Bang of exploding creative force?; Ben Marcus, ?a brilliant mythmaker, a potty-mouthed Svengali, and an evil technician of metaphors?; and Michiko Kakutani, ?the funniest and most malicious,? of American postmodern writers, ?mixing up broad social and political satire with vaudeville turns, lewd pratfalls and clever word plays that make us rethink both the mechanics of the world and our relationship to it."

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