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May 6, 2009

Kindle DX

Amazon (and class favorite Jeff Bezos) unveiled the new, large-form version of the Kindle this morning. It's more than twice the size of the Kindle 2, and Amazon hopes the larger reading surface will make the Kindle DX more appealing to those who read digital versions of magazines, newspapers, and textbooks.

Some links-

New product page:

NYTimes' coverage:

But the question is, how will the Kindle DX and other large-form e-readers affect the ailing newspaper industry?
For some of that debate, see: &
Posted by      Peter Z. at 11:29 AM EDT
Tags: kindle
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April 5, 2009

Kindles and Libraries

Last week we spoke a little bit about how libraries would make use of Kindles. It looks like at least one library already tried: A New Jersey Library Starts Lending Kindles. That began in 2007, with the first Kindle, but apparently the practice of sharing a Kindle loaded with e-books violates Amazon's terms of service.

So the question of how to make e-readers viable beyond personal use is still up in the air. There is a Charlie Rose interview with Jeff Bezos from 2007 in which Bezos mentions e-readers and libraries. He says that working out relationships with libraries ?is not on our roadmap.? It?s a long interview, but Bezos makes some interesting points, including some thoughts from the publishing side (e.g. books never go out of print, and publishers will never have to guess at initial print runs) and that Amazon has always recognized that ?you can?t out-book the book.?

Sorry, that interview link isn't working. It's here:
Posted by      Peter Z. at 6:51 PM EDT
Tags: kindle
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  Morris Eaves  says:
But I wonder if the same dilemma doesn't arise with all such large-capacity storage devices--anybody know of a library that lends iPods? So are libraries stuck with the single-copy model? The DVD, the book, etc.
Posted on Mon, 6 Apr 2009 3:18 AM EDT by Morris E.
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