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April 2, 2009

MC Lars and the iGeneration!

Here is a song that my ex-husband put on a mix cd for me, back around 2005-ish. I was listening to it in the car on my way home from class, and wanting you all to hear it! The Kindle-pushers want us to become the e-book generation! Here is the link to the song (free mp3) and the lyrics are listed below.

lyrics by MC Lars
music by MC Lars, Damondrick Jack and Piebald

And people tried to put us down,
when iTunes bumped a post-Cold War sound.
My generation sat the mecca of malls,
Times Square, I'm there, Viacom installs.
So we hit the net while the Trade Center fell,
New York met Hollywood, we ran like hell.
No Vietnam for us, yo, Iraq it's on.
So who agree upon this cowboy Genghis Khan?
The choice made, baby. Hey we'd take it back,
logged in dropped out, MTV took track.
They sold it back to us and claimed no correlation.
The iMac, iPod, iGeneration.
And I'm waiting for the day we can get out.
The world is ours, that's the story no doubt.
Want to be more info super highway traffic,
want to be more than a walking demographic!

"Hey! You're part of it." Talking about the iGeneration.
"Yeah! You're part of it." Talking about my iGeneration.

See the iGeneration knew organization meant optimization and unification,
When imagination gave participation in creation of culture a manifestation.
The Berlin Wall fell and out we came, the post-Cold War kids laid claim to AIM.
LOL, OMG, yo, BRB. Space, colon, dash, closed parenthesis.
We sat at our laptops and typed away, and found that we each had something to say.
Web-logged our fears, our hopes and dreams. Individuated by digital means.
Fiber optic lenses, DVD, Coca Cola, Disney and Mickey D's.
Flat mass culture, the norm that took hold, I hope I die before I get sold.


This is the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T ge-na-ra-tion, see?
This is the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T ge-na-ra-tion, see?



Also, on the same cd is a fairly awesome song about "The Raven" by Poe. You gotta listen to that one, too! I love it.
Posted by      Hilarie L. at 8:27 PM EDT
Tags: hilarie, mp3s
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