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May 20, 2008

Auto-Enroll Feature Added

Automatic enrollment has been added to course sites allowing for another method of connecting students to your course. At the beginning of the semester simply go to the Course Users section, click Auto-Enroll Users, and enter the e-mail addresses of students who will be participating in the course. Now, when each student registers from anywhere on the Nfomedia network they will be automatically added to your course. Additionally, each student is given a place holder in the gradebook for easier course management while late students continue to register.
Posted by      Nfomedia Team at 9:22 AM CDT


  Tyson Rock  says:
It was a decent and very impressive place for every users because it will be giving a chance from clear cache in windows 10 computer, you must to clean your temporary files and easy to access any secured folders in quickly.
Posted on Mon, 10 Dec 2018 1:55 AM CST by Tyson Rock

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