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September 28, 2011

Improved Quizzes/Exams

We're pleased to announce to Prosite administrators that we've added two configuration choices when creating Exams.

First and most importantly, we've added the ability for students to answer questions in any order (moving forward or backward) when taking the exam.

Question sequence

Option 1: Forward & Backward - Questions may be skipped and answered in any order
Option 2: Forward Only - Each question must be answered before moving to the next

"Option 2" is the old method for taking exams.

Second, we've added ability to display the exam score on the student's My Exam page (apart from also displaying the entire exam, question by question).

Display score--Display the exam score on the student's My Exams page

Option 1: Never
Option 2: Once grades are recorded
Option 3: Immediatlye after finishing exams

Both new configuration choices appear on the first step when creating exams.
Posted by      Nfomedia Team at 8:07 AM CDT


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