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June 5, 2009

Kanye's 808s and Heartbreak

Kanye West's newest album 808's and Heartbreak was an obvious break from his own comfort zone. Regardless of the diverse reaction the album received, the album was his most interesting piece. Everybody knows Kanye to be an arrogant and proud artist. In his first three albums, he portrayed himself as the underdog that broke the odds against him and emerged as a great hip hop artist. However, the most recent album didn't portray him as strong but rather as an angry and independent individual. Prior to the release of this album, Kanye had to deal with the loss of his mother and the breaking of his engagement. Songs like "See you in my Nightmares" and "Heartless" portray his resentment and anger at his ex-fiance, and "Coldest Winter" shows his sadness for the loss of his mother. Regardless of how different this album is though, the fact remains that its still Kanye West, and he still portrayed himself as independent, even in his vulnerability. The best example of this is shown through his music videos. Almost every single video he released for this album has only him in the video with the exception of "Love Lockdown". The video for "Amazing" has him completely isolated and completely away from any civilization. So even though this album was so different from his usual works, Kanye still portrayed himself as the person he always was. The album shows him going from resentment and sadness with "Welcome to Heartbreak" and "Heartless" and ends with the anger of "See you in my Nightmares" before he calms down and mourns over the loss of his mother with "The Coldest Winter". Even in his vulnerability, he shows that he doesn't need anybody else to get through whatever he is going through and that he is just as independent as he ever was.
Posted by      Aditya T. at 1:59 PM PDT
Tags: kanye
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  Lusi Nark  says:
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Kenye west is one of our role models and we really admire him. He is very charming and globally popular. His singing touches the listener's heart and they can connect with his emotions. He is a pure soul and his work is really good.

I have been looking for the upcoming projects of this great actor. I have been listing to him for a long time and whenever I listing to his music, I feel energized.

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  Jai Shukla  says:
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