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March 26, 2021

Locomotive Traction Motor

Traction motor

Traction motor is considered as one of the most important parts of the propulsion system of Propelled trains and locomotives. In other words, electric motors act as train muscles to provide the tensile force required to move the train.depending on the type of feeding, the traction motors are divided into AC or DC categories. traction motors were traditionally DC but the development of modern power and control electronics has led to the introduction of 3-phase AC motors. Thanks to improvements in Electronic science and control algorithm, AC motors are widely used in Rail industry for their lower maintenance costs and higher reliability. Also their more sophisticated control system leads to higher tractive force of rail vehicle. Taam Locomotive Arya is a leading company providing technical services to rail industry.

Our drives and traction motors operate all over the world: More than 90,000 motors are in use in a variety of rail vehicles, from trams to high-speed trains to powerful locomotives. We match our traction motors and drives perfectly to one another and to the project-specific requirements. Our expertise in manufacturing and high product quality is certified to ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS International Railway Industry Standard) and Q1 (highest quality rating from Deutsche Bahn). We can manufacture motors and drives in a multitude of countries to meet our customers’ needs, and our service network covers the world.

Persuasive in every detail

Traction motors from Siemens Mobility stand for reliability, longevity, and energy-efficiency. We use our long track record of experience in development, manufacturing, and operation to configure the optimal solution to your requirements.

A smoother ride with our motors
Traction motors and drives from Siemens Mobility are in use in many rail vehicles around the world – for good reason.

High quality, optimal reliability
Our Traction motors and drives harness all the advantages of digitalization. While customer requirements are the starting point, our experts also incorporate field data into their work to create a digital twin. The electrical design is then optimized for performance, robustness, and thermal characteristics using modern analytics. The results of simulations are verified in our own test center and in real system checks on the vehicle and the intelligence gained flows back into future development. Quality and longevity are assured by comprehensive testing of 100 percent of the components during manufacturing. In addition to testing the individual component, the compatibility of the entire system of gears, motors, converters, controls, and transformers is also checked in our system test center.

Traction motors and drives for all rail applications
Our drive system portfolio covers the entire spectrum of rail applications. Here are a few examples from the multitude of possible combinations of traction motors and gears.

Locomotive Traction Motor are the major contributors to maintenance expenses for railways and locomotive owners worldwide.

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