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Kate Rusby

Music Videos!

I'm about 98% certain I'm going to marry this woman and have her babies.

How can you not love that face?

A beautiful, talented folksinger with a charming Yorkshire accent. (Ok, the accent is an acquired taste.) Be a dear and visit her website, check out the videos, and enjoy the tunes!

What people are saying about Kate Rusby:

  • "A beautiful, talented folksinger!" -The Metric Donnelly
  • "[Rusby] has, by her mid 20s, already become one of the great voices of English folk" -George Graham
  • "I'm about 98% certain I'm going to marry this woman." -Anonymous Fan
  • "Kate Rusby is a fat head and listening to her makes me feel like a Hobbit and I don't like that. [but I can't help loving her.] " -Dirty Allan

Keeping my fingers crossed that Kate will tour in the States soon...I might even start a petition.

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