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Question: Is this course affiliated in any way with the University of Colorado, Boulder
Answer: No. This is just a freely available resource for those interested in Neuroscience.

Question: What is the format of the course?
Answer: The course is free online neuroscience course consisting of video lectures, textbook, threaded discussions, blog posts and self-assessments that are all available online.

Question: How will we be graded?
Answer: The course is pass/fail and portion of the grade is from exams and the other is a combination of participation in online neuroethics discussions. The grade distribution in the past has been mostly A and B. No + or - are given. Extra Credit opportunities will be available. It is expected that this class will take about 6 hours of your time/week.

Question: What is the format of the the exams and how are they proctored?
Answer: The exams are multiple choice, True or False, or Fill in the Blank.

Question: Is there a second semester of Introduction to Neuroscience?
Answer: No

Question: Are there Teaching Assistants for the class?
Answer: Yes we have TAs to answer your questions.

Question: What happens if the web site goes down and I can't access the course material to turn in an assignment?
Answer: Periodically (usually late at night on Friday) the servers go down to update the site. This can cause several hours of downtime where you will not be able to access the website. I suggest completing the assignment before the last minute just in case. Go to this site to see if the site is down Is that site down?

Question: How secure is the site and our grades?
Answer: To ensure the privacy of sensitive user data such as passwords, e-mails, grades and exams, CourseStreet uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) with 256-bit encryption (128-bit fallback depending on browswer compatibility) when transmitting this information.Nfomedia Inc is SLL certified by DigiCert. .

Question: What if I don't have a Facebook account?
Answer: An important component of the class is to participate in neuroethics discussions and post interesting Neuroscience related material in a social network.

Question: Why are the videos streaming so slowly?
Answer: Your internet connection may be going slow you can test it here at this website. Speedtest Your download speeds should be close to 20Mb/S. For a more detailed free diagnostic try Pingtest

Question: The coursestreet site seems down how do I test whether the site is not up?
Answer: Go to this site to see if the site is down Is that site down?

Question: The Neuroanatomy workout tool is really small and other animations aren't working.
Answer: Make sure you have the most updated browser Google Chrome works well. Make sure you have updated your Adobe Flash Player and Java.

Question: I can't see the link on the side bar for the videos or assignments what is wrong?
Answer: This some material on this site is password protected and you need to log in to see all the content and see your grades and upload assignments. To log in you need to use the same password you signed up with and type in the password.

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