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August 25, 2020

A Traffic Ticket

‚??A bill please,‚?? my father waved to the waiter. Mom was leisurely sipping her cappuccino while I have already finished my espresso and was ready to go. It was our traditional Friday dinner with the only difference that my parents have just come back from Las Vegas where they went on a holiday. We are a respectable family who observes its Chinese mores of supporting each other and tries to fit in our relatively new American environment. Always remembering that we are foreigners we take our pride in behaving like law-abiding Americans at all times.
My father paid the bill and left generous tips. Now we could go. I was happy to pick my parents from the airport and take them out to dinner. We are ordinary people in a sense that I pay my parents due respect and try to behave as a loving child. I call them daily to ask about their health, run errands when they ask for my help, occasionally buy stuff they may need in their household and have dinner with them at least once a week. From time to time my father likes to talk to me about my future and where I am heading. I am not a big fan of these talks, but I have to endure them to make him feel fulfilling his paternal duties.
Our dinner was relaxed. I had been recently promoted, and it made my father feel content and important, and my mother was happy that we were all happy. We finished early, and my parents were too tired to hang out late. They even declined the dessert. We climbed into my mint new car ‚?? it was just a month since I placed my first installment ‚?? and buckled up. My parents were calm; they we sure that I was a confident driver. However, each time I touch the driving wheel I take a sharp breath and feel a surge of slight panic. It had been a while since I got my license and I still felt quite unsure when driving. I turned on the music to enhance the good mood everyone was in. Frank Sinatra was on. ‚??New York, New York‚?? is my mom‚??s favorite song, and she was murmuring the lyrics barely audible. My dad was tapping the rhythm on his knee and was looking at the trees rapidly passing by. I somewhat relaxed and sank back into the seat back. It was not very late, and the city was bustling with life. The dusk was just settling in.
Deep in my thoughts through the delicate sound of Sinatra, I heard the melodious beeping of the police siren. Surprised I raised my eyebrows and checked the rear mirror. Indeed the black and white police car was signaling me to pull over. My dad stopped drumming his fingers on his knee. My mom got tensed, and I could see concern in her eyes. I turned down the radio, and my mind was racing trying to understand what I did wrong. I could feel my father‚??s disapproval as he has never got a traffic ticket for more than thirty years of driving. I rolled the window down to hear the approaching police officer.
‚??Your headlights are not working?‚?? said the police officer in a polite voice. I murmured sorry and explained that I was a fledgling driver, and it just slipped my mind to turn on the headlights as it was not dark yet.
‚??That's all right,‚?? the officer said. ‚??Can I take a look at your driver‚??s license, please?‚?? The officer was looking right into my eyes, and I suddenly realized that my license was in my wallet and I left my wallet on the kitchen counter when I was leaving for the airport. I quickly reached to my father‚??s side and gestured him to give me his license. He was noticeably annoyed but gave me his license. Frankly speaking, at the moment I thought that the police officer would ask me to go with him to the police station and stay there until my parents bring me my documents. I was blaming myself for being absent-minded and forgetting about the headlights and the license.
‚??Whose car is this?‚?? the officer‚??s question pulled me out of my reverie. ‚??My father‚??s,‚?? said I and the officer went back to his car. While he was checking the database for the number of my father‚??s car and his driver‚??s license, dead silence hung in the car. My father was reticent. My mother did not dare to speak up. I felt bitter. How could I forget to turn on the lights? These are basic rules. My parents blamed me, and I blamed myself for being so stupid and forgetful. I was sure that I turned them on. But it was only 7 pm, and it was not dark enough for me to notice that I was driving with the headlights turned off. Having taken his time, the police officer soon found our numbers in the system. He gave me a ticket and asked me to sign. I was tremendously upset.
Such a lovely night was ruined by my forgetfulness. My exhausted parents did not even berate me knowing that I am usually very harsh on myself and they should not bother. What began as a pleasant mealtime was shadowed by a traffic ticket signed for my absent-mindedness. Now each time I see the police car I anxiously check whether everything is alright with my lights.

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Tags: essay, writing
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Domain of culture (religion)

The role of religion in every country is central in terms of cultural development of the nation. Religion is one of the key twelve domains of culture. The key determinant of the social interaction between individuals within the nation is given to religion.
The scholars have stressed the importance of studying religion as a domain of culture due to its cultural effect in American society and noted that, religious history had for decades highlighted the thoughts of men, mostly ‚??white‚??, as the real story, while everyone else who was religious provided either background or alternatives that were usually understood merely as foils to the metanarrative. Therefore, it is essential to look at how religion formulates the society. In this respect, it is proposed to take into consideration the aspects of worship and community. These two aspects are at the same time strong and yet differ by their effect to the development of American modern culture and society in general.
Nowadays the study of American culture and religion are far from the older observation and analysis of European culture with its diverse religious contexts. The authors point out that many of these new studies cut across boundaries of gender, class, and region, and pay particular attention to popular religion. Therefore, both worship and community are examined under general concept of the American nation without dividing it into fewer national cultures and religions.
However, there are major differences in understanding the concept of worship and the concept of community in American culture under the domain of religion. Many authors agree that worship is still identified as part of the national background of a person, while the community as a concept is closer to the popular culture.
The situation with worship and community is very different. Therefore, it is proposed to study both concepts separately due to their different meaning in terms of religion as a domain of culture. Throughout history, most worship services have been ‚??multicultural‚?? to some degree in that they contain elements from diverse cultures, including roots in Jewish worship. At the same time, worship is something that identifies the diversity and culturally diverse behavior of American people. All individuals learn to respect other cultures due to the differences in worship that many Americans have.
Community as an aspect has a different meaning. First of all, the concept of community is set to unite people under a certain religious background rather than splitting them apart as individuals without rights and faith. The community role of religion is very popular within the minorities of the American society, as it helps the people identify their core national values through religion. Community is largely mentioned as the formulating factor of religion, while worship is more of an identifier of religion.
The religious community presents itself as a secular community with a religious law. Therefore, religious communities within American culture have developed into small inner circles and societies of people who are united under a certain idea of worship and faith. Therefore, religious community has a role that expands much larger than the actual worshiping pattern. Religion as part of American culture has determined the factors and framework for personal development of an individual living within certain society and bearing certain principles and community rules. These rules include worship, but it is a community which describes the principles and which sorts religious laws and rules within the national minority. American culture and its historic development have facilitated this process due to its uniqueness and co-existence of diverse cultures.
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August 21, 2020

plane ticket

Shiraz, the city of lovers, is one of the most important tourist destinations in Iran
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August 20, 2020

Fantasy Football

Heard about the fantasy football and felt that it may be too mainstream and excessively difficult for you to try and give it a shot? Perhaps you are thinking of playing it before yet simply haven't. Did you think it is just for men? Provided that you thought all of these, read this!
My lady group has tried playing it before and we can say that it's quite simple. It's likewise a great deal of fun and anybody can play. There are no mythical creatures, wizards, or dragons in here. Despite the fact that, there's certainly some sexy guns, if you know what I mean! Fantasy Football is about players who commit their lives to their game.

In the Raider Ladies Nation, the website is like a Magazine/Blogs about football and the Raiders itself. From the fans, the Nation and to the players, coaches, and the raiderettes are being featured in that website. They also have a suggestion for the Best NFL players to pick for fantasy football
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August 17, 2020

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August 2, 2020

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August 1, 2020

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