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November 8, 2019

Food and Mood

It is widely known that food and its various supplements greatly impact on people‚??s moods. However, not every person can discover the exact connection between food and mood. People in modern society are known to become more and more aggressive, anxious, irritable or depressed in life. As a result, not only scientists but also ordinary people get concerned about their state of mind. They all want to become happier, healthier and, in some cases, thinner. Therefore, many theories evolve, and research is conducted in the process of investigating the relationship between food and mood.
The majority of people are awaiting the answer to the question, ‚??What is that magical relation?‚?? As a matter of fact, this is connected with the micronutrients, which are vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed for neurotransmitters ‚??specific chemicals in charge of people‚??s moods. Evidently, there is a direct connection between the food people eat and the mood they are in. Some products and supplements really tease the organism‚??s chemistry and cause certain emotions and feelings. For instance, foods rich in carbohydrates provoke the brain to release serotonin, sweets raise endorphins secretion, and chocolate is connected with phenylethylamine and anandamide.
Moreover, nutritionists recommend eating certain foods and supplements to reduce the probability of development of various psychological disorders including depression, stress, anger, and anxiety. In his book, Jack Challem advises following his dietary recommendations, in particular eating high-quality proteins, high-fiber vegetables, avoiding sugar and deep-fried foods, and reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumed. This will help to control the level of sugar in one‚??s blood and thus prevent sudden mood swings. As stress increases, the level of NPY in one‚??s brain experiences the lack of serotonin, which can be increased by consuming foods rich in carbohydrates. For maintaining a healthy brain, a person should remember to include in a diet such as efficient components as fatty fish, whole grains, lean protein, leafy greens, and yogurts with active cultures. The listed products help reduce the symptoms of depression, hyperactivity, anxiety, and stress hormones, which is crucial in mental disorders treatment.
In addition to the great effect of special food consumption in therapy, one should not forget to follow the right diet as a part of a healthy lifestyle. A great number of people today show inertia in their habits and food cravings ‚?? they simply resist changing something for the sake of improvement. However, if a person wishes to become healthier and happier or lose weight, some particular steps are to be taken. In order to improve one‚??s quality of life and mood, one needs to become aware of the problem and understand its impact on life, to be willing to act according to this knowledge, and to actually work on the undesirable moods or behavior. Moreover, to get a complex result, changes are to be made in four directions: taking the right supplements, following the right diet (e.g. include super mood foods to a ration), exercising regularly, and trying to gradually change lifestyle.
In conclusion, a path to a happy and healthy life is hard and it accepts no tricks. Thus, every person willing to change must develop useful habits. It is clear that a relationship between food and mood affects people‚??s lives resulting in various reactions, either expected or not. Therefore, one should obligatorily control his/her food cravings to gain a desirable state of mind.
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Posted by      Betty B. at 5:06 AM MST
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  milan j.  says:
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Posted on Wed, 18 Dec 2019 12:21 PM MST by milan j.
  Text T.  says:
In his book, Jack Challem advises following his dietary recommendations, in particular eating high-quality proteins, high-fiber vegetables, avoiding sugar and deep-fried foods, and reducing the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumed. text twist 2 word game!
Posted on Tue, 14 Jan 2020 12:39 AM MST by Text T.

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