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November 13, 2019

Uncovering the Genuine Meaning and Definition of Philosophy

In daily life conversation, people often use the word combination philosophy of life, but they do not think over the genuine meaning of the word philosophy. What does this really mean? Is it a lifestyle, or major moral principles, according to which they live? There are many variations of this concept, but all of them could be right. In fact, philosophy of life could also be presented as a range of biases, beliefs, assumptions, attitudes, and even stereotypes, which are accepted in a certain social context by writing services At the same time, this conception should not be confused with the word philosophy. It is used in academic disciplines and by great philosophers in the history because their deliberations on the sense of life are much broader and deeper. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between these two terms to understand the spectrum of the meanings and undercurrents produced by one word. To be more exact, the word combination philosophy of life is a modernized form of understanding social and individual norms accepted in a narrow social circle. Philosophy as a discipline is represented as an art of developing critical thinking and crafting viable arguments.

As the majority might know, the word philosophy is of Greek origin and means literally love of wisdom. The necessity of understanding this combination can shed light on deeper roots of the discipline. The greatest philosophers of ancient times were the first teachers of critical and argumentative thinking. In this context, philosophy should not be confused with social sciences of physiologies. The discipline focuses on the underpinning of individuals believes and outlooks on the world. Hence, the way a person thinks and supports ideas with arguments could be considered as a part of activities which are used in philosophy.

Additionally, philosophy could also be presented in form of argumentation that aims to find the truth. The latter is probably the utmost goal of the discipline because many philosophers argue the pursuit of the truth. In contrast, daily life is also full of philosophical questions, but they are not always confined to the search of the truth, but to the search of other values in life, such as happiness, success, career, or self-actualization.

While deliberating on the main components of philosophy, it is essential to consider it as a humanistic discipline. A humanistic conception of philosophy is scientism philosophy should certainly be interested in the sciences and some philosopher may well be involved in them. Indeed, it is evident that philosophy is the foundation of all other scientific disciplines because all of them are premised on logic and argumentation. In contrast to another concept of philosophy, it should be stressed that people rarely think over the scientific underpinnings of their moral assumptions and principles, but on personal experience and the opinion accepted by the majority in society. Hence, philosophy as a discipline and mindset ground for other sciences and. Therefore, many philosophers are interested in cognizing the ancient art of argumentation to contribute to the study of other related disciplines to establish the objective of claims and knowledge.

In conclusion, the word combination philosophy of life differs from the actual meaning of philosophy as a discipline, but still there are similarities. Both terms are contextual and relate to the art of ethical thinking and making assumption. Nonetheless, philosophy as a discipline relies on scientific argumentation and produces a deeper understanding of important questions of being, knowledge acquisition and truth. Therefore, there should be a clear distinction between the lifestyle and a set of attitudes and assumptions, as well as between the art of critical thinking and argumentation.
Posted by      Vivian R. at 1:28 AM MST
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