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Example Assignments

The following is example assignment that students would complete. There are 5 assignments like these in the full course once it begins.

Weekly Assignment

Neuroethics discussion 1: Sam Harris TED Lecture: Can science address questions of morality?- Estimated time to complete Assignment is 30 minutes.

Assignment Number 1 - Estimated time to complete Assignment 1 is 90 minutes.

  • Please register and read the Introduction to Neurons and Organization of the Nervous System in the Online textbook. Please watch Video #1 and answer the following question by uploading the answers as a document file to your student drop box. Warning filenames must not contain spaces.
  • 1. From the video--In the renaissance era the ventricles were thought to be important for what?
    2. From Video #1 video--How do philosophers frame the questions related to the mind compared to Neuroscientists?
    3. From the online textbook--How many action potentials are generated in the Figure 3 animation. Please watch the drawittoknowit video below on brain orientation.
    4. From Drawittoknowit Video #2 what is the difference between how radiographic and anatomical sections are viewed? Please watch the Video #2,3 and 4 and draw the structures as described in the drawittoknowit video then take a picture of the drawing and your answers to all the questions above using your smartphone camera, scanner, webcam or other digital camera and upload to the student drop box (No Spaces in filename).
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