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Tuttle J. 

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Hello Everyone,

I am a Junior who just transferred to UCB.

I am majoring in neuroscience, and have a particular interest in the philosophical side of the subject. I studied a great deal of philosophy and psychology at my previous university and now look forward to incorporating my 'abstract' knowledge of human ideas into ways of discovering how those very ideas were created in the first place. I have faith that humanity will benefit greatly in learning about the organ that creates the very world around us.

I would like to understand how altruism can fit into a Darwinian perspective of the brain and human development, and if we humans could ever obtain such a mental state.

I enjoy my bike, working with kids, teaching, and learning languages.


Favorite Books & Authors:

Benedict de Spinoza. Voltaire. Dumas.

Favorite Music & Artists:

Strauss. Debussy. Queen.

Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors:

Lawrence of Arabia.
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