Nfomedia's primary product is free. An enhanced version of Nfomedia is also available to those faculty who require extensive online courses. This version is called Prosite. A feature comparison is shown below:

Feature Free Prosite

Wiki-style content editing

Course blogs

Course announcements

Course message board


User profiles

RSS feeds

Private mail

Text message notifications

Personal homepages

Personal blogs

Custom URLs

1 GB course content storage

Student journals

Student drop boxes

Question database

Online quizes/exams

Additional course themes

Additional course customization

Admin activity reports

Course ad-free browsing

Unlimited course content storage

Gradebook graphs

How much does Prosite cost?

Prosite is available as follows:

  1. PROSITE PROF — Professor License — 10 courses and beyond, 1 administrator — FREE
  2. PROSITE DEPT — Department License1,2 — up to 100 courses, multiple administrators — $2,900/year
  3. PROSITE UNIV — University License1,2 — UNLIMITED courses on the Nfomedia network — $13,800/year
  4. PROSITE UNIV — University License Dedicated Server2 — UNLIMITED courses, dedicated server, 5 Mbps of premium bandwith, university homepage, and university URL — $42,000/year

If you would like to purchase University License, please contact us and we'll be in touch.

1. Department/University License includes a license key to be shared among faculty for quickly upgrading courses online.
2. Quarterly billing available for Department/University License.

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