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The company office is a co-working space for all members of the office. Therefore, a beautiful and well-invested office will create unlimited comfortable and creative working space for members. In addition, the beautiful office design also shows the position of the business in front of its partners. The items of office furniture include: Office desk (director desk, head desk, staff desk, meeting room table), office chair (director chair, head chair, staff chair, swivel chair, meeting room chairs, waiting benches), document filing cabinets (wood filing cabinets, iron file cabinets, high-end filing cabinets, drawers - sub-cabinets, iron shelves), office furniture (safes, tables and chairs sofa, cafe-bar furniture, office partition, desk / front desk, office curtains, ..)
Are you a furniture supplier and looking for a customer? Are you a business that wants to invest in modern furniture with the most reasonable price? SEBUSO is the solution for you. Instantly access SEBUSO web to find potential customers and products! Contact: 1900 966 933; 14 Tran Tan, Tan Son Nhi, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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