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Narrative Essay Topics for Students


In a narrative essay, the write my paper tells a story about their personal experience. It is like a short story, but you have to follow the proper format. The story that you tell to the reader should be interesting, and it can be fictional or non-fictional. It is defined from your point of view. 

A narrative essay is a great way to share your personal experience, provide sensory details to grab the reader’s attention. Every essaywriter must know how to describe the story and capture the reader’s attention. A good narrative essay topic is the key point of a successful essay.  

The narrative essay topic should be engaging, and you have an interest in it. Describe something that has meaning to you. If the topic revolves around your personal life experience, it will become a good essay. 

Narrative Essay Topics

Some writers are confused when they choose a topic for their write paper for me. For your convenience, we create a list of topics, choose from them according to your academic level.  

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

  • The moment I met my special one

  • Tell about the devices that play the biggest role in your life

  • A situation that taught you how someone’s appearance could be misleading

  • The first time you were away from home

  • A time when you were kind to someone

  • A time when you broke the rules and got caught

  • Your best sports, dance, musical, etc. performance

  • A moment that completely changed my life

  • Have you been treated differently because of your looks?

  • The weirdest experience with a stranger

Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

  • The great accomplishment of my life

  • A time when you made the wrong choice

  • The time that you heard the best news

  • Tell whom you would invite to your own talk show

  • How does the word 'responsibility' play out in your life?

  • How do you define 'home' in your life?

  • The most beautiful thing in the world

  • How I learned to play the guitar

  • A time when you had a fresh start

  • The experience of creating secret places or other things that refer to your childhood

Narrative Essay Topics for Middle School Students

  • My parents were right

  • Talk about your school and what makes you love it

  • One of your most amazing childhood shows and characters

  • Discuss loyal family members in your life

  • A sporting experience

  • Describe your hero

  • What friendship means to you

  • Your favorite coffee shop

  • A memory from your vacations

  • What is your favorite TV show?

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

  • How often do you interact with people of another race or culture?

  • My most memorable birthday bash

  • Does stress change your mood and affect your ability to make decisions?  

  • The place I would love to visit again and again

  • What personal achievements make you proud?

  • Have you ever changed your friend’s mind?

  • What if I were born in a different country

  • How to get assignment help services?

  • How do you make parenting difficult for your parents?

  • Do you plan on saving any of your belongings for the future?

Interesting Narrative Essay Topics

  • What expectations do people make about you?

  • What responsibilities have you set for yourself?

  • What is the most difficult task you’ve ever had?

  • Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?

  • A trip that included unexpected or surprising things.

  • A time when someone judged you first and then realized that they made a big mistake.

  • A misunderstanding between yourself and someone else.

  • An incident that was difficult but ended up being worth it.

  • Do you set rules for yourself about how you use your mobile phone? 

  • Your most exciting moment is performing in a play, writing, playing music, or dancing.


Easy Narrative Essay Topics

  • What advice would you give to your juniors about middle or high school?

  • What is your favorite place in your house?

  • What problems do you think your government should try to solve?

  • The year when the whole world suffered from a pandemic.

  • A time that you learned something new that changed your life. 

  • The end of a friendship or relationship.

  • A time when you looked up to your older sibling.

  • What is the best present you have ever given or received?

  • Did your parents give you the proper education? 

  • How do you make parenting difficult for your parents?

Good Narrative Essay Topics

  • How often do you complete your favorite book?

  • Helping a stranger

  • The superpowers I would like to have

  • Have you ever interacted with the police?

  • What small things have you seen and excited to buy?

  • Do you take more risks when you are around your friends?

  • Is it difficult to make people happy? 

  • What experiences have you faced in school or university?

  • How do you watch a television show when it originally airs?

  • Have you sent odd messages to your friends or relatives? 

Narrative Essay Topics about Work

  • Do you think you will have a career that you like?

  • What kind of experience do you have while hiring an online employee?

  • Having a plant wall in the workplace is healthy.

  • Would you quit your job if the manager doesn’t appreciate your work? 

  • How to engage employees in the work environment?

  • How to manage the workload in the office?

  • Promoting equality in the workplace.

  • What hidden talents might you have?

  • How to manage strict deadlines?

  • What career or technical classes do you wish your school offered?


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