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The Themba Tutors team is learning specialists, academic tutors, and executive function coaches with masters-level or doctorate degrees related to helping children and adults with or without learning differences. All staff have experience teaching and tutoring in public and private educational settings, and many have executive function coaching expertise.

Tutoring Service:
1. English Literature Tutors
2. College Application Essays
3. Doorstep Services
4. High School Writing Tutors
5. College Writing Tutors
6. Engineering Design
7. Tutoring for College Students
8. Study Skills Test Taking
9. Geometry Tutors
10. ADHD Coach
11. Reading Disorders Tutors
12. Pre-Calculus Tutors
13. Online tutoring
14. Online Group Classes
15. Online & In-Home Group Pod Tutoring
16. In-home tutoring
17. In-home coaching
18. One on one tutoring

Many of our specialists are scholars who have written and lectured extensively about learning differences and education. Clients benefit from working with our qualified tutors, specially trained to assess and focus on content, skills, and/or particular learning differences.





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