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good life vapor

{Awareness|attention|recognition|consciousness|cognizance|focus} deficit is {no longer|not|now not} an ingrained disorder; {it is|it's|it can be} picked up and learnt as we {follow|comply with} the {speed|velocity|pace} of the society, {the result's|the result is} what {the myth|the parable} mentioned; {center|middle|core} {activities|actions} {including|which includes|such as|together with|which include|consisting of|along with|inclusive of} {dining|eating} and {sound asleep|sleeping|slumbering|snoozing|napping|dozing|drowsing} {are now|at the moment are|are actually} congruent with {the television|the tv} or {paintings|work} {table|desk}. One canâ??t {help|assist} {yet|but} {wonder|ask yourself}, is it {really|genuinely|certainly|surely} {vital|imperative} to {paintings|work} {while|whilst|when} eating? Multitasking {is meant|is intended} for {responsibilities|duties|obligations|tasks} {simply|merely|basically|only|purely|in simple terms|in basic terms}, if {dining|eating} has {become|turn out to be|grow to be|come to be|end up|emerge as} a â??taskâ?? for you, {you've|you have} {lost|misplaced} {a gift|a present}, the {gift|present} of appreciation and {showing|displaying} gratitude for {the easy|the straightforward|the simple} {things|matters} in {lifestyles|life|existence}.

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