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Prewriting Essentials for Academic Essay Writing - Guide 2021


There are many variants in the pre-writing methods that students employ. They arrive at one they find most useful by their experience and in accordance with the quality output of the essay. You should probe into various techniques before finding the methods that suit you.


The following article covers essential elements for effective cheap essay writing service. If all procedures are followed skilfully, then there will be no problem in writing an excellent essay


There is a prewriting process to follow before writing an academic essay which has been outlined below;


1) Readings - The student must recognize exactly what he/she is going to write on while researching for information related to it. By doing this, one can have a clearer understanding of what one's paper is going to be on. The student should scan the book, newspaper, journal or other publications that he/she is reading for articles related to what he/she wants to write about.


TIP: Take note of any quotations in the readings that are essential in writing your essay so that you may include them vividly in your paper. However, make sure not to have too many quotations which will divert your reader's attention from understanding what you want to communicate on and only use those quotes as illustrations to support what you are saying.


2) Writing an Outline - It is very essential to first know how one's essay is going to turn out before writing it down in full form because sometimes students forget things they want to say when they get into the act of writing. Writing down one's outline can really help in writing an essay because some parts of it may not be written in full form but described or explained using bullets or a combination of both. This is also an essential technique to use before advancing to the prewriting method cheapest essay writing service have chosen for your essay.


TIP: Always start with the title and main idea because that will show what your essay is about immediately after reading it through


3) Research - After having finalized the outline, go on researching for information relevant to your topic. Information related to your topic should include reading books, journals, magazines, encyclopedias etcetera. Try as much as possible to limit yourself only on information from sources close to your topic.


TIP: Know as much as you can on your essay's main idea by researching through the library, bookshops, etcetera.


4) Writing - This is the final phase of writing an academic essay and it includes writing your essay in full form using proper punctuation, spelling and phrasing.


You should prewrite before starting to write your paper because this will serve as a guide to you when writing while availing yourself from misplacing thoughts and ideas which are necessary for your essay. The whole process of pre-writing spans over four steps or stages; reading, outline, research & writing. However each individual must choose what works best for him/her in their essay writing projects according to their taste.


TIP: You must keep in mind that there should not be too much quotations because it may misguide the flow of free essay writing service essay to stray off course and prevent you from successfully delivering all that is necessary for a complete understanding of your paper


Essay format & structure [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: The importance of using proper format and structure cannot be overemphasized; its intricacy can only be properly appreciated when you try writing an essay without following any particular structure nor arrangement whatsoever. It can then be seen how such an unorthodox approach will result in drift away from the focus required in presenting ideas clearly and actually ends up producing a mess with no definite purpose behind it. Effective Essay format and structure result in a masterpiece.


There are many formats to follow such as the argumentative essay, expository essay, compare-contrast essay, cause and effect essay etcetera. Then there are other formats for individual types of essays such as the title description which needs to be completed before writing an outline for an analytical paper; making use of numbering for an analytic paper in order to make your points clear and understandable by using paragraphs; introduction with thesis statement is best used for persuasive papers as well as against it; body paragraphs should not be longer than three sentences which can be written in each paragraph unless the topic requires otherwise.




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