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Mark C. 

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I can get any and everything I want from a woman. I am the spitting image of an alpha man. Smooth chocolate skin, chiseled abs, biceps bigger than any you have ever seen, eyes the color of caramel, a voice that melts the panties off of any woman. Oh and did I forget to mention my dick? Ten inches of pure steel!

Enough about me let me tell you about her. I saw her at the gym. As I was sweating hard trying to maintain my well desired physique, I saw this beautiful goddess out the corner of my eye. She stood about 5 feet tall, had a light complexion, and green eyes. Her hair was swept into a bun at the nape of her neck; by the size of it I could tell that her hair was long. Her body was amazing, beautiful c-cupped tits that sat perfectly on her chest, nice flat abs and an ass that could swallow my dick in seconds. I was in awe and could not help but to stare. My dick stiffened as I watched the sweat drip down her body. I had to make her mine.

After gaining the courage to speak to her, I saw an empty elliptical machine next to the one she was on. She remained focused and didn‚??t even realize that I was next to her.

"Hello." I said in an inviting tone. Her green eyes pierced through my soul as she glanced at me.

With a smile she said. "Hi."

"Lamar" I said as I gave her my hand to shake.


"Nice to meet you Lola, do you come here often?"

"No, I just moved here from Arizona"

"Wow, that‚??s really far."

"Yeah, I needed change, Too much negativity there so I decided to move to a place where I know no-one."

"Well, consider me your first friend"

She chuckled. "Hello friend"

"Look, I‚??m going to get going, here‚??s my number. Give me a call sometime so I can show you around the city!"

"Will do." She said with a smirk

A week went by and I hadn‚??t received a call. All I could think about was her and how stupid I was to give her my number and not get hers. Until the phone suddenly rang. My heart pounded as I answered the call. I hoped it was her.


A soft, sexy voice replied, "Hi is this Lamar Johnson?"

"Yes this is he, may I ask who‚??s speaking"

"It‚??s Lola from the gym, I‚??ve been meaning to call you all week but I‚??ve been super busy. I was wondering if you‚??d like to go out tonight. I have the night off."

I was ecstatic but I didn‚??t want to let her know, I said in a plain tone. "Yes, of course"

"Great, I live at 444 Holland Street, Apartment C; ring the doorbell when you get here."

"Okay, see you later"

"Bye bye!"

I hung up the phone.

An hour later I show up to her apartment and ring the door bell.
Over the intercom I hear her voice.


"Yep, it‚??s me"

She buzzes me in and I walk up the steps to her apartment.
I knock on her door.
"Coming" she says as she rushes to the door.

The door opens and I see red painted toes in furry heels. I scan the next part of her body and see oiled up legs , smooth hips hugged by red panties, the flat abs I remember seeing at the gym with a dangling belly ring hanging from them, huge tits in a see through laced bra and lastly her beautiful faced framed by waist length brown hair.

No words are spoken as I feel a tug at my tie. She whispers in my ear," Tonight you‚??re mine". My clothes are ripped of me piece by piece until I‚??m in my boxers.

Tiny hands ran down my chest then on to my hard cock. She jerked it a little then knelt down until she was eye level with it. She glanced into my eyes then devoured my ten inch cock. Her warm, soft tongue swirled down my shaft repeatedly then she sucked on the head like a leech.

I could not believe that this was happening; I just met this girl and now she‚??s sucking my dick. I slowly thrusted my hips, making her swallow my cock. She loved it. I pulled it out her mouth and slapped her across the face with it. I thought that she would be surprised but she wasn‚??t, she wanted more. I grabbed my cock and wiggled it across mouth, teasing her. I saw the hunger in her eyes.

I pushed her on the couch and knelt down in front of her. I started at her neck, kissing it softly and slowly, and then I started sucking it until I saw hickies.

I pulled off her bra. Her titties sat right there in front of my face. I couldn‚??t help but to suck them. I started with the right; I licked around her nipple then shoved it in my mouth. It was so hard and erect. I loved it. I sucked her titties as if I was her starving baby and I needed some milk. Then I moved to the left one and did the same.

After that I kissed down her belly until I reached her waist. I pulled her panties down slowly.
Something popped up and hit me in the face. I felt like I got punched. To my surprise‚?¶.
It was a DICK! This bitch was a man! A man sucked my dick!

To be continued‚?¶

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