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Jason G. 

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Jason Giuliano is a nationally recognized entrepreneur and developer in the greater Philadelphia area. He is the CEO of Cal-Chip and Jaco Laguna Resort and Beach Club in Costa Rica.

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Favorite Books & Authors:

American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Arafel duo by C. J. Cherryh, Jungle Book, The Book Thief, Say What You Will, Fantastic Mr. Fox, It's Kind of a Funny Story, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,
Cloud Atlas, Le Petit Prince

Favorite Music & Artists:

Pink floyd, Nirvana, The Who, The Rolling Stones, Ramones, Metallica, U2, pink floyd, u2, Guns and Roses, Coldplay

Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors:

Dark Knight, Deadpool, Ironman, Conan, IT, Prince of Persia, Assassin Creed, My Way, The Book Thief, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Chicken Run, Wallace and Gromit
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