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Jason P. 

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Not the back seat. In the bed. I had been stripped naked and tied, spread eagle, in the bed of the truck. I was blindfolded and gagged during the whole ride. When we stopped for gas, Sir made sure to reach in the bed and play with me a bit. He squeezed my tits, fingered my pussy, and gave me a hard slap between the legs and a slap to each tit.

We we're going to meet up with some of his buddies for a camping trip. The others had headed up yesterday, and we would be joining. One of the guys owns some land along the lake, and the group of them enjoyed camping trips to fish and relax. Sir offered to bring me as entertainment this time.

When we arrived that evening, Sir followed the dirt road through the woods. When he came upon the camp site, he stopped the truck and turned off the engine. I could hear him greet his friends, and unload the backseat of supplies. I heard the tailgate lower, and heard the guys make crude comments on my naked body. Sir climbed into the bed of the truck and untied my arms and legs. I was quickly pulled to the edge of the truck bed and fondled by multiple hands. Fingers dived quickly and roughly into my pussy. My tits we're squeezed and my nipples pinched. My pussy was spread open and fingered more, and a stern slap caught me across the face.

Sir grabbed me by the hair and pulled me to the ground. He pushed my face to the dirt, my ass in the air. He unzipped his pants and shoved his cock balls deep in my asshole in one thrust. A stream of piss began to fill my ass, as he groaned a "I've been holding it the whole damn ride for you." When he finished, he pulled out and have my ass a hard slap. More slaps fell on my ass from the other guys.

Sir hooked a leash to the collar around my neck and led me to a nearby tree. I crawled after him. He tied my leash to the tree before taking the blindfold off. I looked around, seeing four other men, watching me.

Sir had two of the men help him with the supplies he brought. They set up a tent, and unrolled blankets inside it. They moved two coolers near the lawn chairs the other guys had brought.

One of the men had come over to me and slapped my ass a few times before unzipping his pants and shoving his cock in my ass. He too pissed deep inside me before thrusting in and out of my asshole.

The fourth guy had taken to tending the food that was cooking in the small campfire. When everything had been set up and the food was ready, Sir came over to me. He untied my leash from the tree and led me away from camp and into the woods a bit. "You can empty your ass."

I squatted like a dog, releasing the piss in my ass, as well as my bladder. Sir ran his fingers through my hair until I was done. Then he led me back to camp, me crawling after him.

One of the men handed Sir a plate of food and a beer bottle. Sir took both, leading me to a lawn chair. He sat down, with me in front of him, on all fours. He put the plate of food on my back, like a table and open his beer. Throughout the meal, the guys talked. They talked about work, about fishing, sports, and then about me. Sir informed them that I was open for use, none of my holes were off limits, there were no stipulations about condoms or cum, that my asshole was a convenient urinal, I was to be naked at all times, and I was in general, a fuck pig for their enjoyment.

Sir offered me a bite of fish, and I slurped it from his fingers. When he had finished eating, he set a plate of food on the ground for me to eat. I ate like a dog while Sir rubbed and slapped my ass. He reached under me and squeezed my tits until I finished eating. He instructed me to suck off the other four men.

I crawled to the one next to him, who eagerly pulled his cock out. I sucked him obediently, until he groaned and grabbed my head, cumming down my throat. I swallowed. When he let go, I crawled to the next guy and sucked his cock.

When all four of them had taken a turn cumming down my throat, the first guy pulled me over to him and kneels behind me, shoving his cock in my pussy. He fucked me hard, slamming his cock in me. Sir came over and pushed his cock in my face. I sucked him while the guy fucking me switched with one of the others, who also pounded me hard.

Each guy took turns fucking my pussy and asshole. Sir pulled his cock out of my mouth and came on my face. The others laughed, still continuing to take turns fucking me. One guy laid on the ground and pulled me on top of him. He shoved his cock into my pussy and bounced me on him. After a while, another guy pushed me down and shoved his cock in my ass. The two of them fucked me hard while a third guy shoved his cock in my mouth. I looked up at the guy who's cock was in my mouth, just to see him spit in my face.

The guy in my ass came, and traded places with the fourth guy. He pounded my asshole as hard as he could. The guy in my mouth pulled his cock out and came on my face, rubbing his cock across my face. The guy in my ass fucked me a bit longer before cumming in my ass. He then pulled out of me and shoved his cock in my mouth. I sucked his cock clean while the guy underneath me began pounding my pussy hard and fast. When he too came, he shoved me off of him, and onto my back on the ground. He stood above my face and promptly pissed. When he finished, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up to suck his cock clean.

When he was through with me, Sit called "come here pig." I crawled to him and he life's my head to look at him. "Looks like you did a good job, pig." He turned me away from him so he could spread my holes and examine how cum filled I was. "I guess every good pig deserves a treat." He pushed the mouth of his beer bottle into my asshole and tilted it up. The remaining third of his beer emptied into my bowels as I groaned. He pushed the neck of the bottle in my ass before fucking me with it. After a bit, he instructed "you may ask each man here if you are allowed to empty your ass. If they say no, you will return here and be used some more.

I crawled to the first guy, "Sir, may pig please empty her ass?"

He smirked and nodded. I crawled to the next guy, "Sir, may pig please empty her ass?"

He chuckled, "no, I think the pig needs used some more."

Sir waved me over and I crawled to him. He opened another bottle of beer and removed the empty bottle from my ass. He pushed the full bottle into my ass and emptied half of it in my bowels before pulling it out and replacing it with the empty one. He fucked me with the empty bottle a bit before sending me back around to the others.

I crawled back to the first guy, "Sir, may pig please empty her ass?" He nodded.

I crawled back to the second guy, "Sir, may pig please empty her ass?" He smirked and waited a moment before nodding.

I crawled to the third guy, "Sir, may pig please empty her ass?" He reached under and squeezed my tits, "I think pig has been pretty good. Yes she may."

I crawled to the fourth guy, "Sir, may pig please empty her ass?" He clicked his tongue, "I think there's still some left in that bottle for pig."

I crawled back to Sir. He pulled the empty bottle from my ass and poured the other half of the beer in my bowels, and shoved the empty bottle, neck deep in my ass.

I went back around, the first three guys agreed to let me empty my ass. The fourth reached over and fucked my ass with the empty bottle roughly before rolling his eyes and agreeing. I crawled back to Sir. "Sir may pig empty her ass?" Sir reached under and squeezed my tits before lifting my chin to looks my cum and piss soaked face. "Yes, pig. But you must do it here so we can all see you."

I squatted in the middle of them, pulled the empty bottle out and released my asshole as the beer squirted out and into the dirt. When I was sure my bowels we're empty, the fourth guy stood and came over to me. He grabbed me by the hair and shoved my face in the wet dirt. He fingered my pussy roughly and took the empty bottle. He shoved the bottom of the bottle in my pussy and fucked me hard with it.

The men took turns fucking me again before calling it a night. Sir led my by my leash to the tent. He ushered me inside before stepping in and zipping it closed. He rummaged through his bag before pulling out a pack of wet wipes. He wiped off my face and then wiped off my pussy and asshole. He laid me on my back and shoved his cock in my pussy. He fucked me slow but deep before cumming in my pussy. He pulled his cock out and straddled my face. I licked and sucked his cock clean, before he pulled his cock out of my mouth and slid upwards, pushing his ass to my face. I licked his ass as he rubbed it across my face. When satisfied, he rolled off of me and pushed me on my side. He shoved his cock balls deep in my ass and mumbled "good pig" in my ear before falling asleep.

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