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Cheryl L. 

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Sure my wife has used strap-ons but it never felt quite right. I had to find out so i started my research into local hook-ups for men. Eventually I found a guy who was Bi-Curious and lived locally, for his privacy we'll call him David.

David was an Average looking man, as am I, we chatted online back and forth for a few weeks until I finally got to horny and just messaged him saying, "Look, I really want to suck someone's cock, you seem a nice man and I'm horny as hell, Let's meet up this week and I'll even let you blow in my mouth".

As a bloke I knew how much we all like cumming in the mouth so i crossed my fingers and hoped that would be enough for a meet.

My inbox lit up. I opened it, SUCCESS, there was a time and meeting place later that evening. I finally get to suck a cock.

Then it dawned on me, 'Shit, I've never sucked a cock' I got all showered and dressed and headed out hoping i wasn't about to walk into something horrible,

I got to the appointed place and 'David' was waiting, He seemed nice. I nodded to follow him down behind the building. I followed, Heart Hammering in my chest, keeping myself fully aware of my Fight or Flight responses just in case.

We got to the back of the building where it was really dark, we stopped at a sort of doorway (couldn't really see......dark)

David turned to me and said "How do you want to do this"? Clearly as nervous as I was

I took a deep breath, walked towards him, got on my knees and undid his trousers and pulled out his hard cock, an impressive 7 Inch, Nice for a first go. I looked up at him and said "Like this"

I to the head into my mouth, oh god that was it, I've finally got his cock in my mouth. whilst still looking at him Started my head back an forth, using my tongue to lightly lick the shaft and tip. I never realised how much saliva a mouth can produce when it has something delicious in the mouth.

I noticed David had his eyes closed and was breathing hard, his hips were Jerking ever so slightly, I took that as a good sign i was doing well. I wondered how much i could take, so trying to be like a pornstar i tried Deep throating. Nope, Mistake, Building yourself up to that is highly advisable.

After gagging I went back to been a cocksucker, which by looking at David's reactions, I was quite good at. I then remembered how good it felt when the shaft is wanked off at the base. Wanting to be a good little cocksucker, I gripped his cock and started wanking him fast.

"Oh god,,,,,, keep doing that" was all i got out David. So i kept going, sliding my mouth over his lovely cock and occasionally licking his end and flicking the tip with my tongue. i then noticed his hands gripping my head and his hips thrusting a little harder now.

'Here we Go' I though and started jerking his base faster and moving my head faster with my lips firmly clamped around his manhood.

"Do you remember your promise" David panted.

I looked him in the eyes, winked and mumbled "Mmhhmm"

He let out a loud roar and gripped my head a little to tightly but oh, man, my mouth filled with his cum, I struggled to swallow, most of it went down my throat. Some, only a little mind you, dribbled passed my lips. I kept swallowing, I kept licking his shaft trying to force more cum into my willing cocksucking mouth. Tasty but with a weird after taste.

We both got our senses back into reality. Without a word we walked back to the street, Thankfully it was an Industrial Estate so very little Foot Traffic.

We both Shook hands and with very little small talk we said our goodbyes and went our seperate ways.

I got home and sat at my computer. I had a message, it was from David. Title:Again

The Message said: That was great, for your first time you were better than some women, I would like to do that again but with me sucking you off. How would you feel about that?

How would I feel????? Hell yes.

"When" I Replied


"You're On!!! Same Place?"

"Definately, Quick thing, how do you feel about Anal?

"You want to fuck me?"

"You'll be my first"

I pondered for a bit, did i want this? Fuck it

"You bring the lube I'll bring the condom"

"Condom? Don't you Mean CONDOMS? don't think you'll be the only one popping his cherry"

Oh that was hot, He wants us to be each other's first. I smiled when i wrote back,

"Well ok then, but Technically speaking bigboy, I'm more gay than you, after all, I swallowed your cum ;) "

"Cheeky Bastard lol All that means is that I gotta catch up, So dibs on swallowing your load first."

I chuckled, "Don;'t you mean second lol"

"Lol, such a meany aren't you lol, You Know exactly what I'm talking about."

"Doesn't mean I can't be a cock tease now does it lol"

"Lol so Tomorrow I'll suck your cum into my mouth and I'd like to fuck you too"

"David I Can't fucking wait"

"Nor me Chris, See you Tomorrow"

Oh yes he will

To be continued.......

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