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He had surfed most of the xxx rated sites he knew but nothing was adequate or filling his needs. Then he decided to check his e-mails. Opening the e-mail, he was shown nine messages. Some of the fucking ads by the credit card companies and other bull shit. Right in the middle of those 9 messages, one was sent to him by a buddy, who knew all the secrets about Evans. The message simply hoped that Evans would find that message of some value and at the bottom was a link or the address. It talked about the club for the men with really extra-large sex muscle and more than heavy balls.

Evans was nobodies‚?? fool. He knew that this kind of gags and set ups were by and for the guys who brag and boast about their cock size and talk about their girlfriends or women otherwise known to them; being unable to endure their enormous penis size and he also knew that most of these stories and overwhelming number of such men were full of it. Next second, he thought that not all men were like that. Evans himself had a cock of at least ten inches long when fully hard and erect. His girth was normally 6 inches around but when fully swollen and aided by the thick veins full of gushing warm blood in them, he really had women who had given up on his cock and left him to masturbate and take out his life seed instead of them taking the pumping and the pounding of brutal fucking by that huge cock. Talking about his balls could be an understatement of all times. His each ball was no less than a pound in its own weight, size and the volume, let alone the perking, bubbling sperm in them when they were knotted under that enormous cock to push out the tremendous squirts of sex juices.

He could not have orgasms, one after the other like the pussies could but nature had blessed him with one more excellence to get a repeated erection with a very short refractory period and fuck for a considerably longer time than any of the average men before he reached the threshold of the forceful ejaculation. What a fucking dilemma! There were many women who had denied to have sex with Evans and he had not penetrated a woman till finish for well over a year or maybe two. He simply had too much of a cock and even few of his buddies who knew all about his cock and balls, called him Mr. Blessed making him even more proud.

Well this was a men‚??s group, having the same problem with women but women loved their huge cocks otherwise. The information was all there and Evans decided to go check it out. As a rule, he sent them a photo of his member via the internet after consenting that he would have to leave immediately if upon arrival, he showed up with a smaller cock proving that he sent a photo of someone else. Honestly Evans was very nervous as he reached the location. He was very concerned that being nervous, his dick may shrink and would not look as endowed as he had claimed and it would not be easy to make it hard and show them its full ten inches‚?? length or the terrifying girth and to top it all, he would be asked to leave in shame. He had no clue, what to expect. It was a wonderful brown stone home at the borderline of the town, looking like an old mansion. To his surprise, he was greeted at the door by a very young and lovely woman. He quickly felt the nervousness dissolve and his groin warm up a bit. She took Evans inside and asked him to relax and be comfortable.

The atmosphere around him was more like a party with a fully charged open bar. The guests were all mixing and talking, discussing several of their concerns while munching on a loaded cold buffet on the side and enjoying the drinks. The men in the crowd ranged from young guys perhaps of the high school age, college guys and the gentlemen from 30‚??s to their 60‚??s, belonging from the different walks of life in the society and from the different races and colors. There were quite a few guests, who came and said hello to Evans. He was new and did not knew but the guests did not speak about the club and the men here with the superb cocks. Finally, the host lady called for every body‚??s attention and announced Evans‚?? name to come to the front for a formal introduction and induction in the group as a new member. Everyone cheered and applauded as he walked to the front and then the lady in charge for the evening proceedings, announced to let it be seen by all in the presence. She called it a show time. Evans had never been in such position, ever before in front of so many women and men as well. A bit reluctant, he unbuckled his pants and lowered them, showing his male-hood to the people in the group, hanging limp but proud on his thigh, at least 7 inches soft.

"Oh no"! Said someone in the crowd, "He is not hard".

"We shall fix that soon", said one the female guests in the crowd. In a split second, there was a very young, black girl taking position in his feet and began stroking, kissing and cajoling his big mass. With the cheers and chants in the back ground, Evan was hard as a log aroused to show his glorious, more than ten inches of the uncut cock length and a girth even to put a horse to shame.

"God! Look at the size of his thing". Someone shouted from the crowd. "I would love to ride on it". The black baby girl, stood back to let all the guests get a good look at the marvelous meat. "Rita could easily handle him". Someone suggested. Quickly the crowd split and another elegant black woman approached Evans. She had a large breast and in comparison, very slim, small waist and a very juicy broad hips and the ass. She held Evan‚??s cock up in her hand and squeezed it but her fist could not reach all the way around the thickness, making the cock twitch in her hand. "You are one of the biggest man in the crowd, babe". She announced to Evans, "Everybody needs to see if Rita could take you in the ass". Evans heard her and groaned very loudly. She quickly stepped back and started to disrobe herself, to be a naked glory very soon in front of Evan‚??s eyes. Her breasts were large but still very firm and stiff with large areolas and the baby bottle size nipples. Her body flesh was so smooth and shiny. Evans just did not give a fuck to the crowd watching, he was only thinking to have this woman on his cock.

Rita did not show any dereliction and quickly knelt in his thighs, opened her mouth and began sucking his marvelous sex meat. She struggled to take him in her mouth but tried her very best, making Evans feel in heaven. Her tongue licked his shaft very meticulously from the thick base to the hole on the top while her hands caressed his balls. "Enough of this shit. Let us see if she can take it in her ass"! Someone shouted from the crowd. Rita removed her mouth from the cock and whispered to Evans, "Let us put this phat guy in my anal hole". Very lovingly she soaked Evan‚??s cock with the KY warming gel and offered her behind to him like a bitch in front. There was sigh from the audience in anticipation with the doubtful and quizzical thoughts. Her hands came behind in view and split stretched her cheeks wide for him. Evans quickly fingered her asshole and she moaned with a huge approval. She was trying to relax and unwind her sphincter for his monster to enter.

Then Evans pressed his cockhead against her anal channel, pushing forward gently but firmly. Rita‚??s body tensed up as the thick cock insisted and sought to enter her. She moaned, as Evans slid in her ass, engulfing his shaft and began butt fucking this beautiful black woman Rita in front of all the men with big dicks in front of their bodies. Rita was pushing back against him, taking more of the enormous cock in her while Evans reached down to fondle her big meaty boobs and awesome nipples. Very soon their rhythm was set and now they were fucking in and out in tandem. Evans had never so far felt his balls slapping against a woman‚??s ass and clitoris. Rita was taking all of him in her ass with pleasure while someone clapped and appreciated the show. Rita bucked and grinded her ass against Evans‚?? pubis as she got hit with her second orgasm, immediately after the first. Evans fucked her rough as he was mesmerized by seeing her ass being stretched by his extra thick cock.

"Oh baby! That is not a cock but a magic stick". Rita‚??s voice was weak and trembling, as she came off the magic stick. Evans was still hard. As the evening thickened, couple of women came and took their turn on the solid pole, including a very attractive, white and mature woman and then came a very young, slim petite college girl but she did not hang herself by her ass but requested to take and feel him in her kitty. Evans fucked her with renewed lust and passion. Once the joint was made, she asked Evans to get on top of her and plow in her warm, young cunt. She wriggled as Evans worked himself far deep in her pussy. She was very young and tight but her pussy was really very deep, worrying Evans that he may cum in her very soon. Evans was also thinking, not to tear the little girl as he force fucked her with his super long, strong dick and slowed down a little but she suddenly started yelling, "Oh, Daddy! Please fuck me. Daddy fuck your little girl with your huge dick".

Evans had never heard such filthy, dirty talk ever before. She plunged in her tight pussy couple of times and then suddenly pulled out of her to spray all over her kitty and pretty looking pink nipples. With lots of cheers Evans was enrolled as a permanent member to show up daily if he desired to have his pick for the pussy or the ass or both.

The End. Please vote and kindly comment as well. AWC May 2, 2021.

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