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Janet H. 

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After teaching FOR-Ev-ER, I'm interested in thinking about things in new ways. This summer I revisited the idea of beauty and studied icons--an artistic expression I never before admired--and have begun to wonder about other things that I have ignored or been prejediced against as I redefine beauty and its significance.

Favorite Books & Authors:

I read some Dickens this summer, and can say he will never be my favorite author. I can tell he was paid by the word! McCullers is a new author to me introduced by Caroline Hunt. I like books that surprise me, make me think.

Favorite Music & Artists:

Each summer I listen to Interlochen Public Radio broadcast from Interlochen Music Camp near our summer place in Michigan. I heard a fantastic rendition of Peter and the Wolf with Johanthan Winters as the narrator. That combines my favorites--classical and honest humor. Country/Western is the only other genre that offers honesty and humor--in my opinion.

Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors:

There are bits and pieces, even lines, that I like in a wide variety of movies: the expression "Hunky-dunky" from Christmas in Connecticut; the chemistry between Hepburn and Tracey in Adam's Rib; any line Jim Carey utters in Liar, Liar; the moment of revelation and real love in An Affair to remember--you get the picture.
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