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October 16, 2017

Wholesale Bikini

Male Wholesale Bikini Models Are Now Allowed To Have Chest Hair

Just a dude doing goofy lingerie china dude things via NYTimes vid "Does shopping for underwear make you feel a little uncomfortable?" Times writer Eric Wilson asks in a revelatory video report on the current state of men's underwear ads. Well, not too terribly, Eric, but watching you make eyes at a computer for 30 seconds does. The gist of the report is that companies like 2(x)ist, who traditionally marketed their briefs with hunky men, are taking the "less intimidating" route with a more "lifestyle" material. In short, all cameras aren't focused on the junk region.

But, looking at the model that the Times highlighted from new male intimates brand Mack Weldon, it's clear that the new brand of models‚??i.e. the regular dude-guy-buddy‚??still have piercing eyes, a strong jaw, and fit body. He's just slightly more scruffy. Revolutionary to the category: "He even has a dusting of chest hair," Wilson notes. And nothing makes shopping for undies less intimidating than light chest hair. Ah, farewell Calvin Klein ab man. You shall be very (very) missed.
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