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October 5, 2020

20+ MBA Dissertation Topics for Students Aiming for an A+

Business accounting has become one of the most important subjects to get a plump job in recent times. It can get you to the top positions in any industry and ensure a life that can be the envy of your neighbor. But this requires you to get top grades as the competition is getting tough for top jobs. This depends on the work you submit for evaluation, and students are relying on an MBA dissertation help when they reach the ultimate test.

Students are confused about the content, but the most important part is to choose a topic that can impress the examiner. This is a known fact that evaluation officials love to see your understanding of the ongoing events. They are more inclined towards a document based on the present situation of businesses and markets rather than theories of the old.

Here are 20+ MBA dissertation topics that can help you get a top grade.

1. How bad are the implications of Covid-19 on Startups?
2. How can a grocery business change its operation to counter lockdown?
3. Why are commodity prices increasing when the demand is low during a pandemic?
4. Can an e-commerce platform survive the social distancing norms?
5. How can a startup automate itself to reduce operational costs?
6. Do Pharmaceutical companies ignore profit margins during a crisis?
7. Is work from home ensuring efficient use of manpower for businesses?
8. Decreasing demand and increasing losses - how much longer can automobile business sustain itself?
9. Has government interventions improved the demand side of the economy?
10. The impact of Covid-19 on global economics.
11. Who suffered more economically - Developed or Developing Nation?
12. Were we ready to handle an economic crisis created due to a virus?
13. How has the private health care system performed under government-regulated pricing?
14. Economic impact of the loss of jobs in the labor sector
15. How are new monopolies developing around us using a capitalist system?
16. Business of social media - What is the cost of personal data?
17. Is Google really worried about business losses due to lawsuits?
18. How suitable is the market for young entrepreneurs?
19. Anatomy of a takeover - Are big businesses trying to consume startups unfairly?
20. How to develop an accounting system that can calculate online marketing margins?
21. Will physical stores survive the flood of online marketplaces?

These topics can be used to present an outlook that addresses modern business concerns. They are relevant to the pandemic situation and are addressing the concerns related to online markets. The writers of Assignment Desk have always focused on changing markets rather than old theories for an MBA dissertation. You are just a click away from getting a document that ensures your entry into the corporate world. Contact us today for more information about our dissertation writing services. Our customer care executives are available round-the-clock for your assistance.
Posted by      Lexi E. at 1:59 AM EST


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