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May 12, 2020

Yellow semen, is it normal?

At the end of a sexual act, the man naturally releases a substance called sperm. This contains sperm, the gametes responsible for human reproduction when they fertilize the woman�??s egg. When his semen takes on an unusual color, the concern can set in. Several parameters can cause this substance to sometimes be yellow in color. As a general rule, it has a color close to light gray or white. At the time of ejaculation, the semen is consistent but becomes more and more fluid after about half an hour. In principle, if this substance changes color or texture, it is often temporary and this is not causing alarm. However, if the yellow semen lasts longer than a month, it is still recommended to consult a doctor to find out if it is a symptom of a hypothetical disease. Focus on this phenomenon.

Where does sperm come from and what is its composition?
Semen contains sperm, small microscopic bodies that play a fundamental role in human reproduction when they meet the egg in a woman�??s body.

This substance contains a liquid called seminal fluid, in which the sperm are transported. Semen is thus the combination of spermatozoa and seminal fluid. According to some scientific research, when he is in top form, the man is able to eject between 1.5 ml and 4.5 ml of semen per ejaculation. In this quantity of semen, there are 15 million spermatozoa per milliliter. Of course, this is just an average figure, so you shouldn�??t worry if your sperm is below this amount.

Three liquids actually form semen: that which flows from the testicles, that of the seminal vesicles, and the pre-seminal liquid. All these fluids influence the color of the sperm to a greater or lesser extent.

How can we explain the origin of the color of sperm?
Semen usually sports a whitish tint. However, this can change at certain times and in particular turn transparent, light gray, or even yellowish. If for men the quantity of sperm is of some importance, this is also the case for its color, knowing that this liquid is considered a symbol of fertility, but also and above all of the virility.

In some cases, semen may change color as the man ages. This color is also subject to change depending on the frequency of ejaculation and its constitution. In short, sperm can have different colors. However, this should not create excessive concern. On the other hand, if it persists, it is advisable to seek the advice of a doctor. Anyway, if you want to know what are the reasons why your fluid may vary in color or why you have yellow semen when you ejaculate, the following answers might help you.

�?? Sperm after ejaculation
As the man ejects his semen, it first comes in a slightly thick consistency. After 20 minutes or even a little more, it becomes more fluid. Indeed, the texture of sperm is different depending on each person, their state of health, and their diet. Depending on all this, the shade may change.

But the most determining criterion in the texture and color of semen is essentially the repetitiveness of ejaculation. Therefore, an individual who ejects his sperm twice a day will have a more transparent and less consistent sperm. If, on the other hand, he ejaculates only twice a week, his fluid will be whitish and denser.

�??What do the doctors say?�??
According to the doctors, the yellow semen would have a relationship with the oxidation of spermine, protein of the semen partly at the origin of the smell of the liquid, but also of its color. Sometimes, when this protein oxidizes, it creates a variation in the color of the semen.

If an individual notices a change in their semen, a doctor may perform a semen culture to check for an infection. The man is then responsible for collecting his sperm, which will then be analyzed by the practitioner. In case of infection, treatment is required to restore the shape and color of the sperm.

What are the other causes of yellow semen in men?
Several factors can cause yellow semen, starting with not having sex at all. Just as if the man ejaculates rarely, when he abstains, his Sildenafil citrate is stored within the seminal vesicles. If stored there long enough, it can turn yellow. Oxidation influences this reaction. Still, if you ejaculate regularly, your sperm will resume its light gray or whitish color.

Besides, although you enjoy ejaculation with regular frequency, yellow semen may also appear. This can for example come from the fact that semen contains urine when you ejaculate. As a reminder, these two liquids are evacuated by a single channel, in this case, the urethra. In the event of ejaculation, the channel is obstructed by the sphincter in order to allow the passage of sperm. If the sphincter is malfunctioning, urine can flow into the semen and change its color, which then becomes yellowish.

And that�??s not all, because yellow semen can also be due to dehydration or an infection: prostate infection, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc. If this is the case, you must consult your doctor in order to benefit from an analysis and treatment, if necessary. Let�??s see all this in more detail.

�?? Why does abstinence or occasional ejaculation produce yellow semen?
Often during ejaculation, the semen is slightly consistent. However, in order for the sperm to reach the egg once they have entered the vagina, the semen thins out after half an hour. However, this substance may be more or less dense or fluid depending on each subject and the day. Depending on this, the color of the sperm can be subject to variation.

As already mentioned above, the recurrence of ejaculation is one of the main causes of the change in the color of sperm.

Similarly, when the man does not have sex or if he does not masturbate for two to three days, his semen thickens and presents a less transparent appearance. Which can then result in yellow semen. If this abstinence lasts for several days or even weeks, the sperm accumulated in the seminal vesicles can also become yellow under the effect of oxidation. Therefore, if you ejaculate yellow semen after a few days or weeks of abstinence, don�??t worry, because after a while your fluid will return to its normal color if you again lend yourself to ejaculation at a constant frequency.

�?? Semen that contains urine
Yellow semen can result from urine getting into the ejaculate. In reality, if during a man�??s erection, the flow of urine into the urethra is naturally interrupted by the sphincter, a few drops of urine can still circulate and combine with semen. Hence the yellowish color of semen. Urine can flow for two distinct reasons: either the pre-seminal liquid ensures poor cleaning of the urethra or the sphincter does not work properly.

For the first case, there are no solutions to remedy it, since no dietary supplement has the ability to stimulate the production of pre-seminal fluid. For the second case, it is not unusual to encounter a dysfunction of the sphincter, and therefore it will not help you to be alarmed. The least you can do is pass your urine before having sex. This will save you from yellow semen.

�?? Could the yellow semen be due to dehydration?
The general appearance of semen can also change due to the impact of water. If you are dehydrated, it can indeed happen that your semen takes on a dark color and becomes yellowish. So, to compensate for this color change, you just need to drink more water. For information, drinking at least one and a half liters of water a day is good for your health. This also helps the body to remove the sulfur contained in certain foods such as cabbage, garlic, nuts, or even grasses. These foodstuffs can also be responsible for yellow semen.

�?? Feeding pattern and yellow semen
If we know that the food mode occupies a dominating place in the composition of the sperm, this one also has an influence on its coloration. Certain fruits and vegetables like garlic accentuate the smell of the liquid, while grapefruit softens its taste. In other words, the foods you eat every day can affect the amount, smell, and appearance of your fluid.

Besides, whatever food caused your semen to turn yellow, you probably ingested a significant amount of it. This is generated by a process of transmission and hormones. In short, the appearance of yellow sperm can be caused by certain foods containing sulfur, since this element oxidizes spermine, the protein to which we owe the smell of sperm, but also its color. These foods include, among others, onions, garlic, shallots, and even chives. If you adopt a new diet, you can thereby avoid yellow semen.

�?? Certain infections involved in the staining of semen?
In some men, yellow semen can be a sign of an infection. In fact, sperm can take on a color other than yellow, depending on the disease the subject is suffering from. When it turns green it could be a symptom of prostate infection and if it turns red or slightly pink it could mean there is blood in the semen. In the case of yellow sperm, do not hesitate to call on a specialist who will perform a sperm culture, an examination to detect the pattern and change in color of the sperm, and to detect any infection or germs.

Sexually transmitted diseases or STIs are also among the sources of yellow semen. If indeed it is an STI, you will also be able to identify it if the semen has an unusual smell. The yellow semen will then have a very strong smell. Gonorrhea or chlamydia are STIs that can change the color of semen. Consult a doctor without delay so that he can prescribe an appropriate treatment and treat the disease as quickly as possible.

Yellow sperm, is it normal or not?
In conclusion, it is clear that yellow semen is not necessarily a worrying sign. Although this situation is rare, it can sometimes be generated by abstinence, diet, or by taking vitamins. On the other hand, when this phenomenon lasts several weeks, it can be the symptom of a specific illness that will have to be treated as soon as possible. It should also be noted that semen turns red because it contains blood. If this happens to you when you don�??t know the cause, it�??s best to make an appointment with the doctor as soon as possible.

The presence of yellow semen is therefore often not to be associated with great concern, but if in doubt and if you need to be reassured, always have the appropriate reflex: you go back to a competent person, in this case, your attending physician. The Internet is certainly not the right track to follow: between errors, approximations, and panicked people, there is no doubt that research on yellow sperm alone on the web will only give rise to the appearance of anxiety. often unjustified.

Finally, remember that normally the color of semen is whitish, transparent, and sometimes a little yellow. Over time, this shade can change, depending on each individual and the number of sexual relations they have. On the other hand, faced with a sudden change in color, it is better to consult a doctor, who will take a sperm sample, in order to detect infections or germs. In short, the male sex should not worry every time his sperm is yellow unless it is prolonged over a long period. But to avoid any inconvenience, if you see fit to consult, do so.

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