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August 21, 2021

5 reasons to bet on the Brazilian Football Championship

Brazil is the main supplier of talent in the world of football. However, the local Palpites premier league is watched by much fewer people in comparison with the championship of the same name in Italy. The Brazilian palpites premier league is in full swing and now we will tell you why it is worthy of your attention.

Competition and unpredictability

Do you remember how many teams often claim to win the European top championships? Two or three, and in the situation with some countries, one at all. In Brazil, everything is different: there are up to ten such applicants before the season, and great clubs that fly to the second division are commonplace (now it is Cruzeiro).

To make sure of this, you just need to look at the Palpites premier league table right now. After 17 rounds, the leader of Internacional is only 10 points away from the 7th Fortaleza, and one of the richest clubs in the country, Palmeiras, is modestly trailing on the 8th line, although it was initially one of the favorites of the season.

A large number of matches

Brasileirao is a tournament in which 20 teams participate annually, and it takes place in a fairly short time. So, in 2020, the Palpites premier league started in August, and will end in January 2021. This means that teams with a long bench will be in favor, and it is also a real paradise for betting fans, because matches are held here almost every day. After the end of the season, the state championships start, and there is also something to see there.

Abundance of talents

Every European top club has a whole base of scouts on the territory of Brazil - young talents are watched from school. The Brazilian market is popular for teams from Brazil?

Brazil clubs are also increasingly turning their eyes to Brasileirao, the latest high-profile move was the signing of defender Bruno Fuchs from Internacional by CSKA Moscow. The players are also following in the opposite direction: this season of Palpites premier league, Luis Adriano, Pedro Rocha, Vitinho and Keisuke Honda, known to Blazils fans, are gathering dust.

Beautiful stadiums

Brasileirao is great not only for attacking football on the field, but also for its delightful surroundings, largely thanks to the 2014 World Cup. And although this season, for obvious reasons, is held without fans in the stands, this will not prevent you from enjoying the beauty of a wide variety of arenas - from the canonical “Maracana” to the brand-new “Arena Corinthians”.

Tactically interesting football

The days of unrestrained joga bonito are a thing of the past - now the Brazilian Championship has become an excellent training ground for those who are interested in a variety of coaching concepts. Playing with three or four defenders, different placement of midfielders, possession of the ball (now there are still more ticks here than Guardiola at City) or playing as the second number-all this makes it possible to see a real battle of minds. And at the same time, make money on such things as bets on the percentage of possession, the number of corners or the number of fouls (yes, they play hard here).

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