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April 16, 2021

Environmental Policy

If I would have been a scientist and discovered in a preliminary testing that chemical residues of a commonly used insecticide interfere with the reproductive cycle of the fish that eat bugs killed by the insecticide, I would have taken several actions according to the information from social work essay writing service. I would have continued with research to get more quantitative and qualitative data about the issue, because I would have needed evidence to support initial findings. I would have informed scientists interested in my findings through peer-reviewed sources and personal communication. I would have contacted other scientists, environment protection agencies and relevant NGOs (Non-governmental organizations) to gather more data to critically scrutinize my research.
According to Roger Pielke, scientists can act in four different ways in regards to their findings and related policy making. As a pure scientist, I would focus solely on research and would not get involved in debates over policies. The scientific truth only would interest me. If I would act as a science arbiter, I would make sure that agencies involved in policy making operate with accurate data. I would apprise policy makers of my discoveries and make sure that they use unbiased sources. Role of the issue advocate means that I already know what policy I want and do all I can to implement this policy. In this case, my scientific discoveries are a tool for achieving result, and I am personally interested in the outcome of policy making process. Last role is the honest broker. It is a combination of a science arbiter and issue advocate, in my understanding, but has its distinctive characteristic.
If I would choose a role of an honest broker, I would operate with relevant data like a science arbiter and be involved in a decision-making process like an issue advocate. Importantly, I would respectfully consider all sides of an argument, be aware of consequences of the policy under dispute, and not state any personal interests in the policy issue. The role of an honest broker appeals to me the most because he seeks good results of all and not personal gain or interest.
Posted by      Cody Harper at 4:01 AM CDT
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