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April 26, 2021

Ten Golden rules of the betting Game

1. Create an account and play in several bookmakers.

This will allow you to choose the most favorable coefficient for the event of interest and not lose money due to their difference, as well as sometimes play on betting forks. Bookmakers should be reliable, with a good rating.

2. Very carefully subscribe to paid forecasts, mailing lists.

First, your head should work and it is better to lose yourself than to blame yourself and cover the other person with dirt. Secondly, the capper can be bad, see statistics, ask for verifiers, ratings in the capper communities, etc. On our website, you can find absolutely clean statistics of our VIP forecasters at the link:

3. Remember that there are no pieces of iron, vernyakov, Great Dane and other lures for divorce.

Modern divorce is so advanced that now there is almost no way to find fault with the pseudo-capper or dogger. Such persons lure the victim with promises of millions and, having received their 2-3 thousand for the forecast from the fool, the client gets blacklisted. There are fixed matches, but not in social networks, only a few people know them, do not give samples and do not sell for $ 50.

4. You need to be very careful to bet on popular tournaments and favorites.

Often, especially in football, the odds on winning a favorite are greatly underestimated. Do not think that there are no bribes and agreements at a high level. Let's look at Juventus in the mid-2000s and its collusions with Milan, Fiorentina and Regina. Even at such a high level, everything can be decided in advance and bookmakers may well know about it and deliberately underestimate the odds in the hope that a naive player will fall for it. Many players think that the lower the coefficient for an event, the more likely it is to pass. In fact, this is not the case. Around the world, bets are placed on Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern and other giants, which significantly lowers the quotes to the level of 1.10-1.20, and this, by the way, is too small even for such strong clubs and they very often let down fans of betting on favorites.

5. There is no win-win strategy and system.

Betting is always a risk. There is no win-win system or strategy. You should always think with your own head, not give in to excitement, keep yourself in hand and do not try to recoup after a defeat. The main thing is to act according to a clear financial scheme, to put a percentage of the bank, and not to "load" the entire bank on another "sure thing".

6. Do not ignore the game of forks in bookmakers.

It is not so easy to play on forks, but there are also those people who work in this area. Yes, the exhaust from one fork can sometimes be too insignificant, but it will be a victory in any situation. Of course, there are some nuances. Bookmakers do not want to lose their profits and are struggling with fork-pickers in every possible way.

7. Never play for the last money, and even more so do not bet on borrowed money.

When you lose a large amount - it's always hard, there is depression and a wild desire to win back. Yes, you may be able to win back the next bet, and then go to the plus, but if not? What will happen then? It is better to divide your free money into 20-30 equal parts and place bets only in these parts. Over time, you will be able to calmly treat both victories and defeats.

8. Play, but don't take it back.

Never try to cover the loss amount with some significant amount of a bet on another event. Maybe you'll get lucky, but that's not for sure. If not, then you are certainly guaranteed mental suffering.

9. Study statistics, analyze upcoming matches.

Keep track of the tournaments you are betting on. Do not try to bet on everything, nothing good will come of it. Choose 1-2 tournaments that you like and understand. Subscribe to news, watch reviews, read previews, and interviews. There will be a lot of useful information in your head, and over time you will be able to develop a so-called "chuyka". However, even this should be supported by analysis.

10. Set a goal - to earn money on bets.

If you bet for the sake of interest or just for the sake of excitement, then why do it for real money? Do not make a casino out of sports betting, you can earn money here if you treat it as your "mini job". Just 1-2 hours a day to analyze and read the news will help you improve your results and finally start winning, and not just give your money to bookmakers.

Posted by      Henry B. at 10:47 AM CDT
Tags: betting, game, money

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