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January 26, 2022

Metasearch Engines

A search engine, especially pertaining to the World Wide Web, is a program that uses keywords typed in by a user to identify the particular websites that may be of interest. While, a metasearch engine is basically a search tool that utilizes data from different search engines to present its own results from the web. Once a key word is written in the search box, a series of search engines with their websites are brought up. Metasearch engines usually display the best results in a single column. These results are usually arranged in the order of their relevance. In this research paper, five metasearch engines, namely DuckDuckHo, Dogpile, Mamma, Vivisimo and Meta Crawler will be analyzed.
DuckDuckGo has some of the most distinguishing features among other search engines. One of its main attributes is that it avoids creating personalized searches and helps in searching the material in a more general manner. The search engine also partners with other search engines, such as Bing and Yummy, which marks it as a unique metasearch engine. From my own experience, the search engine, searching well-known events like the 9/11 attacks brings up a number of various results. Some of them are taken from historical sources, while others are from the current news. There are also general popular source articles, like Wikipedia. Definitely, this is a well-defined metasearch engine. Dogpile is a metasearch engine since it also uses other search engines, such as Google, Yahoo and Yandex. Usually, the results are arranged in the order of their relevance to the topic. The metasearch engine also has categories, implying that searches can be easily found by the user.
For example, there is a category for news, images, audio and general web information. Searching for general issues, like the 9/11 attacks, reveals a number of results. There are advertisements, related to this search, but all these are labeled as such. The rest are nearly the same as those displayed by DuckDuckGo, especially when it comes to their order.
Mamma search engine is a metasearch engine based in Canada. Like all other metasearch engines, Mamma uses data from other search engines, for instance, Google. The search engine is easy to navigate. It also categorizes searches for images, general web search, and books. Consequently, this makes it easy for a person to search for a particular kind of information. The site is quite old, and its relevance today is generally decreasing. It was quite popular when it was first introduced. However, it has been taken over by general search engines, such as Google and Bing. A search of the 9/11 attacks reveals the results from other search engines. Alongside that, there are other attacks that may be related to the 9/11 attacks that have occurred recently. The first few results are from the news sites with the rest being from historical sites and general web pages and blogs.
Vivisimo is a computer technology company. An important factor that makes it a metasearch engine is that it is mainly concerned with the development of other search engines. It is currently owned by IBM. One of the main characteristics of Vivisimo is that its users can contribute to original content that is displayed. They usually do this by tagging, voting, and sharing the content. This is unlike other search engines. Currently, the search engine is being displayed as IBM. In fact, IBM displays searches from other search engines, such as Google and Yahoo. A search of a general event, such as 9/11 attacks, mostly generates the results from popular sites. When compared to Mamma, there is also a display of results that may be similar to the 9/11 attacks, but are not necessarily directly related to them.
Meta Crawler is a search engine that operates nearly the same way as DuckDuckGo. It uses Google and Yahoo as search engines. A search of a general term, such as 9/11 attacks, generates results mostly from popular sites. The results are displayed, according to categories, such as web, images, books, audio and video.
I would personally recommend DuckDuckGo as a search engine. From the above analysis, it is clear that, first, the above mentioned website truly cares about the privacy of its users. No information that is searched for from DuckDuckGo gets to an outside source. Second, the search engine is generally popular; hence, it is easy to get the reviews about the site's effectiveness, as compared to other search engines. Third, it does not display too many advertisements. As compared to all other metasearch engines, DuckDuckGo has the least amount of advertisements. Generally, advertisements prevent the general audience from getting real information about something, by promoting the content that has been paid for.
To sum up, five metasearch engines have been discussed, and their relevance was identified. The difference between a metasearch engine and general search engine has been described. Also, the best search engine has been picked and the reasons for the choice were stated. The comprehensive analysis shows that DuckDuckGo is the best metasearch engine.
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Posted by      Daniele Watson at 2:00 PM MST


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