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A 3-Step Essay Prewriting Guide - 2021


The prewriting process is crucial to the essay writing process as well as in legit essay writing service. Without a proper prewriting process to follow the essay writer might falter in a part of the essay. Many frustrated at their bad performing essays fail to realize that the fault is in their prewriting process.


Without prewriting, you get stuck in your essays, fail to move the arguments forward, and run out of information to speak about.


Dissecting an essay prompt


Step 1) Obtain all relevant info from the question- It is important that when you are given a question you feel confident with it and know exactly what they want you to do. To start off this step, gather as much information as possible without analyzing any one thing too hard. Before you dissect the question, understand its meaning in order to write an effective essay.


Step 2) Understand your thesis- Once you have gathered all relevant information from the prompt it is now time to analyze and put things into perspective. The point of this step is to find a meaningful answer that can be proven through examples or evidence. It may take time for one to fully comprehend what they mean, however, this will be useful later on in the writing process because once you have written your thesis down then it becomes easier to move onto other parts of the essay without getting off track.


Step 3) Find at least three points- Now that you understand your thesis statement it is important that you find a few sub points within it so that you can share them with your reader. When looking for sub points it is important to find examples that will help prove a point, and if the information can be applied to other parts of the essay then this is even better as it gives you more freedom in writing. It might be tricky trying to figure out which information goes where until you begin labeling things.


Putting ideas on paper


Step 1) Give yourself time- This step has a lot to do with how far along in the prewriting process one is. The longer one takes to write down their thoughts the easier it may become when it comes time writing them down onto a piece of paper.


Step 2) Use APA style- Make sure that when writing your essay or parts of it you use the proper APA style so that they do not have to go back and fix up mistakes.


Step 3) Transcribe your notes- The most effective way for an essay writer to put their thoughts onto paper is by transcribing them from the note sheet he/she used in prewriting. It may feel like a tedious task, however, it will be worth every second as it saves you time in going back and forth between different sheets of paper or remembering where certain info was stored in your mind.




Step 1) Understand what an outline is- An outline is a tool used to help one flesh out their ideas for best essay writing service in usa writing their essay. It serves as a skeleton of structure; a way to put things in perspective before actually writing them out. The outline is a foundation used for the essay writer to organize their thoughts and make an effective essay.


Step 2) Use graphic organizers- One can use any type of graphic organizer such as KWL, Venn Diagrams Organizers, or even Fishbone Diagrams in order to help you build your outline. It does not matter what it is called or what exact shape it comes in, but rather that you are taking advantage of the tool so that you can effectively write by filling out your outline with details.


Step 3) Use words- Words along with visual tools will be very useful when solidifying your ideas and putting them on paper. Visual tools are used to simply create a basis for one's ideas, but words are more effective because they paint a picture with which the reader can see.


Step 4) Break down your thesis- A writer should always take a look at their outline before writing their essay in order to ensure that all points and sub points are located within it. If you feel as though any of it is missing then you can add them or ask online essay writing service to add on or move stuff around until everything is just right.




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