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Brooklyn Letters | Craig S. 

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Brooklyn Letters is an online and in-home speech-language pathology and literacy/math tutoring private practice traveling to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Riverdale, Yonkers, Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut (CT), New Jersey (NJ), and more! We are available 7 days per week, 8 am-9 pm.

We travel to you! :) Manhattan Letters, Queens Letters, Long Island Letters and Staten Island Letters are owned and operated by Brooklyn Letters. Specializing in private pay, one to one speech language feeding therapy and literacy and math tutoring. We provide in-home and online speech language therapy services including pronunciation enunciation articulation therapy, baby toddler preschool speech language therapy, expressive language disorder therapy, Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD speech therapy, social skills therapy, stuttering, stammering, fluency speech therapy, reading listening comprehension tutoring, vocabulary tutoring, oral motor speech therapy, receptive language therapy, auditory processing disorder APD therapy, AAC augmentative and alternative therapy, writing speaking therapy, school age expressive language therapy, adult speech language therapy, public speaking, and accent reduction modification speech therapy, and feeding therapy for babies, toddlers, and children. We provide in-home and online literacy and math tutoring including Orton Gillingham tutoring, Wilson reading tutoring, handwriting tutoring, decoding tutoring, reading tutoring, writing tutoring, math Tutoring, cursive writing tutoring, reading comprehension tutoring, reading fluency tutoring, and spelling encoding tutoring. We also offer online and in-home deaf and hard of hearing, and private special education itinerant teacher seit services.

Evaluation Services
??? Speech & Language & Feeding
??? Literacy Testing (Language Therapists)
??? Literacy Testing (Literacy Specialists)
??? Online Literacy Assessment Evaluation
??? Online Math Assessment Evaluation
??? Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD Evaluation

Speech, Language, Feeding Therapy
??? Adult Speech Language Therapy
??? Voice Therapy
??? Public Speaking
??? Accent Reduction Modification Speech Therapy
??? Bilingual Speech Language Therapy
??? Speech Language Therapy for Teens
??? Speech Therapy / Pronunciation Enunciation Articulation Therapy (all ages)
??? Oral Motor Speech Therapy
??? Receptive Language Disorder
??? Expressive Language Disorder
??? Early Childhood Expressive Language
??? School Age Expressive Language
??? Autism Spectrum Disorders (PDD, Aspergers)
??? Stuttering
??? Listening Difficulties (auditory and language processing)
??? Picky Eaters and Early Childhood Feeding Delays
??? Augmentative and Alternative Therapy (AAC)
??? Social Skills
??? Developmental Language Disorder Therapy

Specialized Learning Services
??? Deaf Hard of Hearing
??? Math Tutoring (K-5)
??? Math Fractions Tutors
??? Math Multiplication Tutors
??? Math Word Problems Tutors
??? Math Place Value Tutors
??? Orton Gillingham Approach
??? Wilson Reading Tutor
??? Special Education Itinerant Teacher ?? SEIT
??? Writing & Speaking Intervention
??? Writing Intervention
??? Comprehension- Listening & Reading Intervention
??? Reading Comprehension Tutoring
??? Decoding and Encoding
??? Reading Fluency Services
??? Spelling Intervention
??? Vocabulary Intervention
??? Handwriting Tutoring

Other Services
??? Reading/Literacy
??? Psychologists
??? Neuropsychologist
??? Occupational Therapist



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