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The warm humid air wrapped its heavy arms around his body, his arms out stretched, fingers reaching, stretching for the white walls beyond, she was moaning softly, whispering, beckoning him to comeā?¦ come.

The door to his room opened the hall beyond an endless tunnel of darkness awaiting, calling to him. He stepped closer ever closer, then there was a gentle warm breeze at his back pushing him forward and a serpent sprouting from a well groomed tuft of hair at the juncture of his legs, a stubby and thick serpent, all veins along its body and with a purple head all smeared and dripping with its slick saliva, pulling him forward, ever forward. His fingers gently scraped the walls of the narrow hallway, ticking over picture frames until he felt the first door and he stopped. He pressed his naked body against it, his eyes closed, he could hear herā?¦.

"Come to meā?¦ love meā?¦ be with me tonight" she hissed. He could see her behind his closed eyes, laying on her bed, her hips twisting one way then the other and her arms flung over her head. He pressed closer, the serpent softly patting the door as if knocking softly, "See?" she whispered, "He wants meā?¦ you want me".

Just then the sirens song called once more from down the hall, her tune over whelming the inexperienced voice beyond this door, and once more he was gliding to the end of the hall. There the edge of the door glowed with an angels light, a light unlike any other he had ever seen. He slid up to the door and as he drew up close the door sighed opened silently and he found himself standing at both his past and his future. Across the room was her bed, the gossamer curtains allowed the filtered moonlight to bathe the cool white cotton sheets in its god light and in the middle of pillowy surface was a slender body, covered in a simple cotton gown also of white.

He was at the foot of her bed moved by forces unknown, his chest heaved, his fists clenched and unclenched. His lips felt dry. The breeze from her opened windows blew gently across his skin. Her eyes were closed, head to the side, he looked her over with an eye he had never used before. Her toes were perfectly shaped, her ankles blended into perfectly shaped calves and then on to smooth thighs that disappeared into the cool fabric of her night gown. Her full lips were parted, he could almost see her breath sweetly moving in and out. Her neck, soft and smooth disappeared into the cotton of her collar, the gentle swell of her round breasts enticed beneath. Her hands, the manicured fingers and the soft pink nails clenched the sweat dampened sheets. He could see right through the fabric, his vision better than x-ray, made it all seem disappear, he could see the object of his lust and he could smell her desire.

"Come to me" came the whisper, soft as the air that caressed his warm skin, "Come to me lover".

He was found himself hovering over her with no memory of how he got there, his face looking at hers, his eyes looking at her eyes, his lips about to brush her lips, he could feel her hot breath as she exhaled, the scent as intoxicating as any perfume, "Thatā??s itā?¦ closer" he heard the voice beckon, "Its time".

The sheets were cool to his touch, bunched around her body, pushed aside in the heat of the night, he grasped them as he gazed upon this angle, he wanted her kiss, needed her kiss, lips both familiar and unfamiliar, but as he leaned closer, ever closer, the serpent in its eagerness, in its mindless desire, let fall a drop of dew upon the angels thigh and with a start her eyes opened, the fire behind those eyes paralyzing him with fear, and before he could move she grasped him.

Pain! He felt her nails dig deep into his skin, the lovely pink nails now blood red, and then like a black widow he felt her legs wrap him up, the trap was sprung.

He tried to speak, protest, apologize, but before he could get a sound out, her lips crushed against his, hot and wet, they soothed and moistened his dry mouth. Her tongue, like a snake, darted out to explore him, to read him, and by the noises she made, she must have liked what she learned. He collapsed against her, confusion and lust mingled in his mind, and spread his loins, he began grinding and thrusting, no direction, just mindless until he struck the sweet spot and the angry serpent became satisfied.

She welcomed him, her grip loosened and her nails, covered in his blood, let go his skin and began to gently stroke him, encourage him. He buried his face in her neck, the familiar scent comforting and discomforting all at the same time, familiar and unfamiliar. Her breath softly hissed in his ears, slow and shallow at first, but just as he felt his own breath deepen, quicken, so too did hers. They were joined, they were one, connected in spirit, connected in flesh, connected in desire, her hips rose to meet his thrusts, they were of one mind, one goal. Skin slapped as she pulled him to her, lips tasted the salty skin of her neck.

He felt the soft pillows of her breasts against his own hard chest. Her fingers ran over his well muscled arms, sticky with his blood, he could smell it, the iron tinged smell mixed with the musky smell of their mutual lust.

"Itā??s time" she whispered, "Its timeā?¦ you know what I wantā?¦ you know what to do." He felt it, he kept thrusting, but he was staring to tremble, his rhythm was faltering, he kept trying but it was quickly becoming difficult, he wanted to please, and he knew what she wanted, she wanted his seed, he didnā??t know how he knew it, but he was sure she needed him to fill her, "Thatā??s it lover, let go" he heard her voice, but was it in his ears or his head? He felt the sweat that had formed on his forehead collect then begin dripping, coating her skin, gathering with the sweat of her skin, mixing and mingling. He was soon overcome with the most incredible feeling of impending release. She moaned. He knew he heard that, he felt her pelvis grind against him, she pulled him as close as she could, and he in turn pressed hard against her. His stream was powerful, more powerful than any he remembered. He sent his seed deep into her, one rich, hot and thick pulse after another, he painted her insides, coated her, filled her up, each thrust pulling some out along his thick shaft, only to plunge it once more inside, churning and mixing it with her fluids, until slowly but all too soon, the feeling subsided, and he felt her body buck and twitch for the last time. He rolled off her and stared at the ceiling.

He blinked his eyes and shook his head, looking around he was both confused and startled. He saw his curtains, and reaching out, these were his sheets, his head fell back to his pillow. Relief! Wait. He was naked! He looked down at himself, the remnants of the previous night coated his skin, "Shit" he whispered as he felt the crust that covered his cock, "What the fuck?"

"Good morning sweetie".

A too cheerful voice intruded into his thoughts and he scrambled to cover his nakedness.

"Oops" his mother laughed as she carried in an arm full of clothes and with a smile dropped them on his bed. "Nothing I havenā??t seen before kiddo" she laughed, "but itā??s a good thing I didnā??t interrupt anything" and with a wink she left him alone, his heart racing as it had last night.

"Fuck" he whispered, as he lifted the sheets and checked himself, "fuck" he whispered again. He grabbed his dick and once more felt the dried leftovers from his dream. "But dreams donā??t leave this" he almost screamed in his head. He smelled his hand, and what he smelled both excited and frightened him, a smell any lover would recognize, but if what he remembered was true it was also frightening, terrifying, an abomination. Who had he been with the night before? Those fiery eyes had belonged to his own mother!

He scrambled out of bed and grabbed the boxers he had dropped to the floor the night before and in a near panic he managed to put first his left leg then his right, all barely without falling backward onto his rear end. He rushed out of his room then regained his composure and looked around, he was alone. He headed down the hall, he paused at the first door he came to, the first door he had stopped at the night before, and he ran his hands over the surface. There it was, a dried smear low on the door, he stifled a scream and rushed to the door at the end of the hall. The door was open. He looked around, he was still alone, so he stepped inside. He breathed deep. Was that her scent? Was that his scent? With a glance backward he approached her bed and ran his fingers over the sheets. He felt it! He had been there, it wasnā??t a dream, "Shit" he whispered.

He looked around and with his heart racing he crept out of his moms room and headed to the kitchen where he found his little sister eating her cereal and reading the funny papers. Her hand was between her legs, a fist at her crotch? He couldnā??t tell, but by the way she squirmed, he thought she might. She looked up from her reading and with a frown she growled, "Brat" then turned her head back down.

"What was that for?" he asked not sure he wanted to know the answer.

Without looking up, "I donā??t know, because youā??re a brat I guess.

His mom walked into the kitchen and looking him up and down she said somewhat sternly, "Letā??s get going, youā??re going to be late for school".

He felt lost, he knew what happened, but did she? And what about his sister? Her voice had called to him last night and like his mother, she had been offering herself to himā?¦ hadnā??t she? "Iā?¦." He was lost and confused, "Pull yourself together", he thought. "I just came to get a granola bar before I take a shower", it was the best he could come up with.

His mom smiled, "Well then, grab one, Iā??m leaving in ten minutes ready or not".

He turned and left the kitchen and headed into the shower. He really wanted to hide in its steam and try to figure out what happened, but he was a good son and dutifully was at the car with his mom and sister in nine minutes. His mom was blasting her music as she drove, singing and taping her fingers, his sister rested her head against the window, staring out into the morning light, and he just tried to act like everything was normal, all while feeling panicked inside.

His sister was dropped off first and she disappeared silently into the crowds out front of her school like slipping below the surface of a storm tossed sea, just a few quick glimpses of her then nothing, and they pulled away from the curb.

He was now completely alone with his mom, alone with his fears. Should he say something? No. He would just sound foolish, he would fumble and act the fool all while trying to act normal. He decided to just stay silent.

"Why so quiet? His mother asked.

"Am I being quiet?" He tried to sound casual, but felt anything but, "I didnā??t think I was".

Soon they were at a stop light and he glanced at his mom sideways, she was grinning at him, "What?" he asked feeling terrified.

She put a hand out and touched his leg, a soft laugh bubbled from her lips. He tried to back away, startled.

"You are jumpy this morning" and she took her hand away. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, sweetheart" she said softly.

His heart began to race, "My god" he thought, "She going to talk about it, she knows what we did".

"Iā??ve seen a few men in my times and you measure up quite well" and she turned a wicked smile upon her son.

He was speechless, his mouth hung open, "Momā?¦" He began but stopped.

She laughed, this time loud, hard and long, "You should see your face right now".

He sat stunned and confused, not noticing that they had arrived at school until she said "Iā??m sorry sweetie, Iā??d love to keep discussing your manhood, but Iā??ll be late for work if I donā??t get going."

He looked around and sheepishly he began to fumble at the door, eventually getting it to open but practically falling out. He gathered his things and his wits. Did she know? He wasnā??t sure, she hadnā??t said anything specific, no direct statement like "You fucked me". He shut the door but as he turned to walk away he heard his momā??s voice once more as she opened the car window.

"I forgot to ask you something."

He stepped back to the opened window.

Her eyes flashed red for the merest of instants, "Boy or girl?"

His heart once more pounded in his chest, "Iā??m sorryā?¦ what was that?"

With a sly grin she repeated softly, "What do you want, a boy or a girl?"

"I donā??t understandā?¦ what do you meanā?¦?"

"Itā??s really quite simple, lover boy, when you make love to a woman, you run the risk of making her pregnant, just like you did to me last night".

He spent a moment just moving his jaw as if warming it up, exercising it, but nothing came out for the longest time, "Iā?¦. Oh shitā?¦. How do you know?"

"How do I know Iā??m pregnant the morning after, is that what you mean?"


"I just do", she smiled. "But tonight weā??ll make sure", and she pulled away, leaving him standing alone at the curb.
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