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After spending all day in bed cuddling Ke, I went out with her to eat. We got an order to go for Nivagi, and then I dropped Ke back at home so she could be productive and then sleep more. I stopped by Jero‚??s briefly and then picked up Nivagi to bring to the party. We stopped on the way to get Besu and Stsm, and then proceeded to Jash and Jofa‚??s. Chwo and Elbr, Fasa and Jopa, Kasc, Lidw, Mira, Mika and Tojo, and Trmo were there, along with a lot more of our friends. It was a magnificent time.

When I first got to the party I was a little stressed out, since there was some rushing around after dinner and a series of events made me very late. When I got there, however, I immediately was love-bombed by my girlfriends, and then pulled over by a couple of very attractive women who wanted to play with my long hair. Being petted by hot girls was definitely a calming way to relax, and it got even better when Kasc, a geeky friend of ours whose company I‚??ve always greatly enjoyed, sat down next to me and let me play with her hair as well.

This led to a nice petting chain, and it was nice just to touch and be touched. Tojo pulled Nivagi in his lap and fingered her until she came, which was a pleasant show. Elbr and Fasa were in sexy outfits, and from our spot on the floor Kasc and I enjoyed watching them bend over every time they needed to flick the ash off their cigarettes. Lidw returned from getting beaten looking all loopy and high, and over the course of the evening we heard screams from the garage as Fasa and Mira were beaten and made to cum over and over.

Eventually the couch behind us cleared out so people could go watch the various shows, but I was very happy to focus my attention on Kasc. She told me she had a strong scalp and I could pull her hair if I wanted, which I took as an invitation. Pulling her hair practically made her purr, and after a while she "warned" me that doing that made it very hard for her not to kiss me. I told her that was no problem at all, and soon we spent the rest of the hour kissing and making out, still sitting on the floor. I caressed her beautiful body as well, but took things very slow (especially for a play party).

Kasc asked me what I was into, and told her I was pretty vanilla compared to this crowd ‚?? mostly I liked to please.

"I think we‚??ll be very compatible then," she smiled.

Eventually after much more kissing I admitted to Kasc I‚??d really like to go down on her, and we went to find a room. Finding Jofa‚??s bedroom empty, we went in and turned off the bad porn so we could focus on each other. We kissed just inside the room, and then she took off her corset, and then her jeans and shirt. She climbed into bed wearing only a bra, panties, and black thigh-highs. She looked incredibly gorgeous.

I stripped down to just my boxers and lay down in bed to kiss Kasc. I took off her bra, caressing her pretty breasts while kissing her and pulling her hair. Eventually I pulled off her panties as well, revealing a pretty, perfectly-shaved pussy. She asked if I‚??d like her to take the thigh-highs off as well, but I told her I liked the way she looked with them on ‚?? especially while wearing nothing else.

I kissed down Kasc‚??s beautiful body, and admired her pussy for a moment before gently kissing and licking her. I wanted to make this first time last, and to please her as much as possible. Kasc marveled that we hadn‚??t done this sooner, and cursed the mutual shyness that kept either of us from mentioning our mutual interest.

I was enlivened by the fact that Kasc was already saying we needed to do this again, which removed a lot of my first-time performance anxiety. I kissed and licked her pussy gently, starting on the top of her shaved mound and kissing and licking my way around the outside of her labia, saving her clit for the very last.

Finally I dragged my tongue slowly up between Kasc‚??s luscious labia, gathering her moisture on my tongue and savoring her sweet taste. She was heavenly delicious, and I settled in to feast. I ate her for a long, slow time, silently cursing myself for not shaving before the party ‚??I really didn‚??t want to give her beard burn.

Very slowly I build up Kasc‚??s pleasure. Eventually I added a finger and then two, almost gasping at how marvelous the inside of her pussy felt ‚?? I told her later that if fingers could cum she would have them. I fingered her very gently at first, feeling what spots turned her on most ‚?? she liked her G-spot fingered, but also liked pressure farther back, near her cervix. I explored and adapted, yearning to please.

I paused long enough to tell Kasc how I wanted to learn every possible method of pleasing her, and she told me I was doing a damned fine job already! I continued to eat and finger her until she just couldn‚??t take any more ‚?? she said she was getting too sensitive. I moved up next to her to kiss her, and she said, "I gather you find my taste satisfactory?" I told her she was delightful and I loved eating her.

Kasc asked if she could go down on me, and of course I accepted. I lay back and enjoyed while she took me in her mouth and stroked my shaft while sucking the head of my cock. Her mouth was wonderful, and the motion of her hands incredibly nice. I pulled the hair back out of her eyes to watch her suck my cock, enjoying the sight almost as much as the feeling. She was wonderful.

Kasc went down on me so long I began to feel guilty, and had to remind myself that she loved to please just as much as I did, and that I‚??d gone down on her even longer. When at last she moved back up to kiss me, I told her again how amazing she was. I could feel her warm wet pussy against me, and my hardness was very apparent.

Kasc told me she wanted me inside her, and I smiled teasingly at her, telling her that as good as that sounded, the fact that she NEEDED my cock in her was an unexpected pleasure I wanted to savor a moment. She grinning and told me I was mean, as I denied her my cock as she humped and grinded on top of me. She was so hot I was a little afraid I‚??d cum right away as soon as I gave in.

At last I got up and got a condom, returning to the bed as quickly as possible. Kasc mounted me, and for once I was glad for the condom ‚?? I probably would have cum if faced with her bare pussy around me. As it was she still felt astonishingly good, but nothing I couldn‚??t handle as I held her hips and fucked her from below.

Kasc‚??s eye widened as I thrust upward to fill her completely. I could tell when I bottomed out against her cervix, and asked if she was OK, since I‚??m a little long for some people. She said she liked when I fucked her hard, so I smiled and accepted her challenge, grabbing her hips and fucking her even harder. Her moans and sighs told me she was enjoying this every bit as much as I.

Kasc and I fucked for a really long, slow time. Her body is exquisite, and I didn‚??t want this to end. We rudely hogged the room for hours, and for once I just didn‚??t care. When Kasc seemed to finally tire I rolled her over on her back, and kneeled so I could watch my cock disappear into her bald pussy. She looked as good as she felt, and I moved closer to kiss her sweetly as we fucked.

When I got close, I grabbed Kasc‚??s hair and asked if she‚??d like me to cum inside her. "Yes," she breathed, "Yes!" I hammered her harder, holding her hair and steadily increasing the depth and speed of each thrust. With a grunt and a moan, I came deeply inside her, while she clenched me within her. It was a wonderful feeling, and with luck the first of many orgasms inside her.

We snuggled and talked for a while, about Doctor Who and Richard Elfman, among other geek topics. When we finally emerged, we discovered we apparently missed an orgy in two rooms, as well as my girlfriends going down on each other and Elbr. However, I had a VERY good time with Kasc, and we‚??re already talking about playing again, so I don‚??t regret my focus one bit.

Kasc is a very hot geek girl, and I very much look forward to seeing and playing with her again. My girlfriends are thrilled with me for hooking up with her, and Mira is happy for Kasc‚??s sake that she hooked up with me. Saturday night was an awesome party, and I can‚??t wait for the next one. I definitely plan to play with Kasc again soon.

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